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You should see a warning message about the installation of new software in the upper part of this window. Click on "Allow" to install Dontprint.
Dontprint is an add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser and the installation message is only displayed if you're using Firefox. You can download Firefox for free at

Can't see any installation warning?

At the moment Dontprint requires the Mozilla Firefox web browser. If you don't see any installation warning in the upper part of this window then you are probably using a different web browser. Download Firefox for free from

Note: Some other add-ons make Firefox identify itself as a different browser. If you believe that you are in fact using Firefox then click the green button below.


You already have the latest version of Dontprint. Try it out now:
  1. Go to the web page of a scientific article, e.g. this one.
  2. Wait for the page to load completely.
  3. A Dontprint icon should appear (see screenshot below). Click it!

Dontprint will download the PDF file of the article, optimize the layout for a small screen, and send it to your e-reader.


Not yet installed?

The latest version of Dontprint was detected on your browser. If you don't believe us and want to install Dontprint again, click the button below.