Select List Gladioli Dahlias Roses Hardy Plants and Shrubs Spring 1920
Universities in America An Inaugural Address Delivered in Ann Arbor Michigan October 1st 1863
Annual Report of the Director in Behalf of the Executive Board for 1931-32
Qdes Administrative Guide
The General Hospital Versus University of Toronto
Price List of Linn County Nurseries for 1920
Cold Storage with Special Reference to the Pear and Peach
Influence of Carton Stacking Patterns on Pear Cooling Rates
Yields of Native Prickly Pear in Southern Texas
Verhalen Wholesale Price List Fall 1951-Spring 1952
Catalogue of Strawberries Raspberries Blackberries Currants Gooseberries Grapes C 1861
Wholesale List of Seed 1895
Alfalfa in Western Canada
Series in the ARC Spectrum of Molybdenum
Me769moires Et Compte Rendu Des Travaux de la Socie769te769 Des Inge769nieurs Civils de France Vol 1 Annee 1886
The Hessian Fly Situation in 1915
Nouveau Dictionnaire de Medecine Et de Chirurgie Pratiques Vol 32 Rou-Scr
Sugar-Cane Juice Clarification for Sirup Manufacture
1931 Catalogue of Rare Water Lilies
The Archon Vol 21 October 30 1933
Islam and the Muslim Serviceman
The Bulletin of the Beach Erosion Board Vol 8 Oct 1 1954
Psychoacoustics-A Selected Bibliography A Provisional Bibliography
Enclosures for Fumigating Stored Raisins
The Art Museum Vol 2 Wellesley Massachusetts January 1936
Development of Cooperative Shelter-Belt Demonstrations on the Northern Great Plains
How to Cook Cow Peas
Telegraphic Cipher Code Gerrish System
A List for Nurserymen Florists and Dealers Choice Specialties and General Nursery Stock Winter of 1895-1896
Mendels Law and the Heredity of Albinism
Annual Report of the Governor of Alaska on the Alaska Game Law 1919
Grouping of Soils on the Basis of Mechanical Analysis
A Nursery Guide to Propagating Poplars
New Hill Baptist Church 1888-1988 Soldiers of the Cross Marching on
Charm Ceylon Tea
Silvical Characteristics of Sand Pine
A Brief History of American Jest Books
Precooling Pallet Loads of Sweet Corn Packed in Wirebound Crates
Compressive Strength of Steel Columns Incased in Brick Walls
Gardiners Price List Fall 1894 for Florists Bulbs Seeds Etc
Bulletin No 5 Stock Unsold April 14 1923 Shenandoah Iowa For Terms and Conditions of Sale Refer to Our Spring 1923 Wholesale Trade List
Catalogue of Seeds for Summer and Fall Sowing 1898
Catalogue of Exhibition of Oil Paintings Water Colors Pastels Black and White Etchings Wood Carving Sculpture Basketry Stencil Work Leather Weaving Pottery Bookbinding Metal Work and Jewelry May Eighth to May Sixteenth Nineteen Hundred and Ni
Fds Wall Flows Part I Straight Channels
Significance of Dimensionality in the Spin Wave Theory of Ferromagnetism
The Fir Engraver Beetle A Serious Enemy of White Fir and Red Fir
Novelties and Specialties Offered by Ellwanger and Barry 1901
A Compend of Book-Keeping by Single Entry Designed for the Use of School Containing Forms Adapted to the Business of Retail Merchants Mechanics and Farmers Illustrated by Explanatory Notes Also Forms of Notes Receipts Orders C
An Epoch in Canadian Shipping
Dioscorea Batatas or New Chinese Potato As Cultivated at the Nurseries of Wm R Prince and Co Flushing N y
Calibration of Volt-Ampere Converters
Report of Thomas C Keefer Esq C E of Survey of Georgian Bay Canal Route to Lake Ontario by Way of Lake Scugog Accompanied with Maps C
Spring Catalogue of Seeds 1899
Allens 1945 Book of Berries
Liber Veritatis or a Collection of Prints After the Original Designs of Claude Le Lorrain Vol 1 In the Collection of His Grace the Duke of Devonshire
Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees Shrubs Vines Roses Evergreens Green House and Exotic Plants Hedge Plants C C 1857
Origines Du Christianisme Vol 1
The Vancouver Water Supply
Trees of Jost Van Dyke (British Virgin Islands)
Federal-State-Private Snow Surveys and Water Supply Outlook for Alaska Mar 1 1979
Price List of Trees Shrubs Plants All Arizona Grown Season 1926
The Crest Vol 3 January 1926
Ornamental Woody Vines for the Southern Great Plains
Further Experience in Asparagus Rust Control
Wholesale Trade Catalogue for Nurserymen and Dealers Only Fall of 1898
Plant Trees 1921
Descriptive Catalogue Price List of American Grape Vines Small Fruit Plants Etc Spring 1896
Runoff Plot Design and Installation for Soil Erosion Studies
Bark Mulch Natural Artistry House Around Your House
Growing Cauliflower and Broccoli
Dahlias 1924
Experiments with Fruits and Fruit Trees
Report on a Proposed System of Sewerage for St Johns Newfoundland
A True and Most Dreadfull Discourse of a Woman Possessed with the Devil at Dichet in Sommersetshire A Matter as Miraculous as Ever Was Seen in Our Time A D 1584
Gladiolus Aristocrats
Story of Good Samaritan Hospital Chicacole India
Bulletin 1918 Vol 1
Holding Power of Wood Screws
Rules and Regulations Respecting the Inspection of Boats Life Preservers and Other Life-Saving Appliances to Be Carried on Steam-Boats or Other Vessels Under the Authority of the Stem-Boat Inspection ACT and Amendments Thereto
Illinois Basin
The Mineral Resources of Newfoundland
Chase Nursery Company Bulletin No 4 Boxed Lots from Cold Storage in St Louis Rochester April 3 1915
Smiths Seventeenth Annual Catalogue of the Highland Fruit and Plant Farm 1899
Occasional Paper of the Church Society of the Diocese of Quebec
Executive and Congressional Directory of the Confederate States 1861-1865 Compiled from Official Records Record and Pension Office 1899
Catalogue of the Valuable Stock of Modern Pictures and Water-Colour Drawings of the Continental Schools of Messrs H Koekkoek Jun Limited in Liquidation Which Will Be Sold by Auction by Messrs Christie Manson and Woods at Their Great Rooms 8 KI
Notes on the History of Petroleum or Rock Oil
Dehydration of Clays
Rights and Liberties of Englishmen Asserted With a Collection of Statutes and Records of Parliament Against Foreigners
Potato Flakes of Increased Density
Entomological Paper from the Transactions of the Iowa State Horticultural Society for the Year 1882 Comprising Premium Essays by Hon J N Dixon and Miss Alice B Walton and the Annual Report of Prof Herbert Osborn For Gratuitous Circulation
Gladioli Price List 1926
California Dahlias 1924 Pot Growing Bulbs Our Specialty
Minutes of the One Hundred Seventy-Second Annual Session of the Original Bear Creek Primitive Baptist Association Hosted by High Hill Church Union County North Carolina September 17 18 19 2004
Historical Survey of Fading at Medium and High Radio Frequencies
Diurnal Temperature Changes at Ocean Station Echo September 1959
Catalogue of a Collection of Coins Paper Money Etc Etc To Be Distributed on Wednesday January 15 1890
Ireland Since the Larne Gun-Running A Chapter of Contemporary History
Catalogue for 1861 of Fruit and Ornamental Trees Flowering Shrubs Etc Cultivated and for Sale by William Reid at His Nurseries Elizabethtown N J
Ship Transportation
Decisions of the United States Geographic Board Yellowstone National Park Wyoming May 7 1930
A Choice Collection of U S and Foreign Coins Paper Money Etc the Property of Several Collectors To Be Sold Without Reserve
Stenographische Berichte Uber Die Verhandlungen Des Deutschen Reichstages Vol 4 2 Legislature-Periode II Session 1874 75 Anlagen Zu Den Verhandlungen Des Reichstages NR 77 Bis 248 Und Sachregister Von Seite 831 Bis 1625 Hebst Anhang Petitionsv
Catalogue of a $15 000 Collection Vol 4 Paper Money
Oil Production from the Ste Genevieve Limestone in the Exchange Area Marion County Illinois
The Composition of California Lemons
Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees Small Fruits Vines Shrubs Roses Plants Etc 1888
Wholesale Catalogue of Vegetable and Flower Seeds 1920
The Economic Admission of Steam to Water-Gas Producers of the Lowe Type
Descriptive Catalogue of Rare and Choice Ornamental Trees and Plants Indigenous to the Northwest 1892
The Respiratory System of the Carolina Locust (Dissosteira Carolina Linne) Thesis
Price List Fall 1923-Spring 1924
Evaluation of a Passive Flame-Height Sensor to Estimate Forest Fire Intensity
Manufacture of Cows-Milk Roquefort Cheese
Fencing the Farm
Trade List of Flowering Bulbs and Roots for Fall 1926 Bleeding Hearts Irises Liliums Peonies Etc
Sea Cliff Dahlia Gardens 1923
Peonies Irises and Perennials Spring 1924 Catalogue Irises Perennials Shrubs Gladioli and Lilies
Catalogue of the Collection of Martin Frank Esq New York City Comprising United States Silver Coins a California Fifty Dollar Gold Piece and a Superb Variety of Rare Foreign Silver Coins in Exceptionally Fine Condition Sale by Auction Without Reser
Wholesale Price List 1895 Northern Grown Tested Seeds
The Aristocrats of the Dahlia-World 1924
Oyster Farming in Prince Edward Island
Catalogue of a Small Collection of United States Silver and Copper Coins Colonial Coins Washington Medals National Mint Medals Rare Canada Tokens and Cents Also a Very Fine Selection of Hard Times Tokens Etc Etc To Be Sold at Auction Without Res
Blue Ribbon Dahlias 1924
Community Organization Alabamas Fundamental Need January 5 1914
Wholesale Price List of Vegetable and Flower Seeds 1920
Market Gardeners Price List Choicest Vegetable and Flower Seeds 1925
The Liberation and Restoration of the South Speech of Hon J M Ashley of Ohio in the House of Representatives of the United States on the 30th Day of March 1864
Catalog Fall Bulbs Tulips Hyacinths Narcissi and Peonies for Fall Planting
Harvesting Pyrethrum
The Proposed Phonetic Key Alphabet Some Practical Points That Should Be Considered
The Gentlemans Magazine Vol 34 July to December Inclusive 1850
Elmwood Terrace Gladioli 1921 Price List of Surplus Gladiolus Bulbs from the Private Gardens of Elmwood Terrace Bennington VT
Prize List for the Exhibition to Be Held at St John N B On Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday 5th 6th 7th and 8th October 1880
Report of Progress of Steam Measurements for the Calendar Year 1903 Vol 1 Northern Atlantic St Lawrence River and Great Lakes Drainage
A History of the United States from the Discovery of the American Continent to the Present Time With a Full Account of the National Centennial Celebration
The Medical News Vol 60 A Weekly Medical Journal January-June 1892
Khlesls Des Cardinals Directors Des Geheimen Cabinets Kaisers Mathias Leben Vol 2 of 4
Unitarian Settlements in North Carolina and Florida
The English Historical Review 1888 Vol 3 Published Quarterly
A Text-Book of Geology For Use in Mining Schools Colleges and Secondary Schools
The Arena Vol 38 July to December 1907 212 to 217
A General Formula for the Computation of Colorimetric Purity
The Chicago Medical Recorder January 1912
Catalogue of Political and Personal Satires Preserved in the Department of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum Vol 10 1820-1827
Glass Cup Plates A Guide to Collectors
Barite in the Southern Illinois Fluorspar Strict
Brief Chronicles
The Baptist Magazine for 1849 Vol 41
Chicago Stage Its Records and Achievements Vol 1
Studies of Waterflood Performance Vol 2 Trapping Oil in a Pore Doublet
North American Journal of Homoeopathy 1907 Vol 55
The London Magazine or Gentlemans Monthly Intelligencer Vol 26 For the Year 1757
Chefs-DOeuvre Classiques de la Litterature Francaise Prose Eloquence Et Histoire
The Animal Suture Its Place in Surgery
Laboratory Notes of Technical Methods for the Nervous System
Proving Rings for Calibrating Testing Machines
Souvenir 1896 Our Public Library
On the Occurrence of Tails in Man With a Description of the Case Reported by Dr Watson
Price List Blue Ridge Gardens Inc Complete Planting Service Boxwood Perennials Evergreens Shade Trees Shrubs Hedges Bulbs
A Yorkshire Tragedie Not So New as Lamentable and True
Catalogue of Valuable Oil Paintings To Be Sold by Order of Several Executors and Private Estates Also Property of Mrs Williams-Heye and W K Wilson To Be Sold by Public Auction on the Evenings of Wednesday Thursday and Friday November 4 5 and 6
Flameproofing of Textiles
The Beverly Tree Guide 1928
Fall and Spring Bulbs 1927
Parochial Mission Women A Paper Read at the Church Congress Manchester October 15th 1863
Niederrheinisches Jahrbuch Fur Geschichte Kunst Und Poesie 1843
Catalogue of a Small But Interesting Collection of Coins and Tokens Mostly the Property of J F B Litchfield of Southbridge Mass Comprising a Choice Assortment of Oriental Bronze and Copper Coins Foreign Silver and Copper Pieces American Colonials
108 Exercises in Harmonisation (Melodies and Basses)
Report Committee on Standards of Education and Examination Matriculation 1916
Order of Exercises and Addresses Accompanying the Inauguration of Stratton Duluth Brooks A M LL D as President of the University of Oklahoma October 21st 1912
Park Science Vol 8 A Resource Management Bulletin Spring 1988
Powdery Scab (Spongospora Subterranea) of Potatoes
Second Annual Banquet of the Society of Comparative Medicine of the New York State Veterinary College Held on the Tenth Anniversary of the Founding of the College the New Ithaca Hotel Wednesday Evening February Fifteenth 1905
Souvenir New Exhibition of Canadian Official War Photographs in Colour
Memorial of the Civil Service Association of Ottawa
Sight Sexing Barred Rock Baby Chicks
The Blind Vol 10 Occasional Paper April 20th 1920
Pre-Pennsylvanian Evansville Valley and Caseyville (Pennsylvanian) Sedimentation in the Illinois Basin
Picture Collections in Small Libraries
Catalogue of Valuable and Interesting Collection of Silver and Copper Coins and Medals Being the Cabinet Formed by Alexander Balmanno of Brooklyn N y
The Story of the Armory Show
Interstate Telegraph and Telephone Business Hearing Before the Committee on Interstate Commerce United States Senate Friday February 28 1908 on the Bill (S 4395)
Description of an Invention for Removing or Destroying the Momentum or Overcoming the Inertia of Heavy Bodies
Speech of Hon E Joy Morris of Pennsylvania on the Election of Speaker and in Defense of the North Delivered in the House of Representatives December 8 1859
Financial Connection of the Use of Spirits and Wine with the People of Concord Massachusetts
Plant Trees 1924
Excursion to St Andrews Locks on the Red River Saturday August 28th 1909
Address on the Education and Literature of the Women of Turkey Delivered Before the Worlds Congress Auxiliary Saturday July 22 1893
Remarks on the Historical MIS-Statements and Fallacies of Mr Goldwin Smith (Late Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford University ) in His Lecture On the Foundation of the American Colonies and His Letters On the Emancipation of the Colonies
Wholesale Trade Price List 1902 Seeds
A Catalogue of a Splendid Collection of Pictures by British Artists the Subjects Taken for English History Painted Expressly for Alexander Davison Esq Which Will Be Sold by Auction by Mr Stanley at His Great Room Maddox Street Hanover Square O
General Information about the Japanese Beetle in the United States
Wholesale Price List of Mushroom Spawn 1920
Price List for Fall and Winter 1925-26
The Archon Vol 20 December 17 1932
1924 Catalog of Choice Gladioli and Iris
Abstract of Fur Laws 1935-36
Piggyback Transportation of Florida Citrus Fruit Problems Methods Equipment
Descriptive Price List 1922 Strawberry Plants and Vegetables
Catalogue of the Smith Fladung Collection of Coins Medals Stamps Autographs Fractional Currency C To Be Sold at Auction by Messrs Bangs and Co 739 and 741 Broadway N Y Friday December 17th 1886 at 2 P M Collection Will Be on Exhibition
Kingdom Coming the Emancipation Proclamation of September 22 1862 An Address Delivered at the Chicago Historical Society September 21 1962
The Perennial Sow Thistle and Some Other Weed Pests of 1908
The Relative Cost of Making Logs from Small and Large Timber
Ebenezer Spring 1987
Price List for 1921-1922 Choice Iris The Largest Collection West of the Rocky Mountains and One of the Largest in the United States
The Practical Nurseryman Vol 4 A Trade Journal November 1896
Selwyn House School Magazine 1929-1930 Vol 2
The Epidermal Cells of Roots A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the Ogden Graduate School of Science in Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Department of Botany)
Pasicrisie Ou Recueil General de la Jurisprudence Des Cours de France En Matiere Civile Commerciale Criminelle de Droit Public Et Administratif 1863 Vol 1 Troisieme Serie Arrets de la Cour de Cassation
The Coronation of George V June 22nd 1911 A D A Concise Outline of the Services Incident to the Coronation of George V at Westminster Abbey London England
The Problem of Rural Life in the United States
Traite DAlgebre Superieure Principes Racines Des Equations Grandeurs Algebriques Theorie de Galois
Extrait Du Proces Verbal Du Directoire Du Departement Du Tarn Du 31 Decembre 1790 Seance Du Matin
Paupers and Old Age Pensions
The Intercolonial Railway Analysis of the Frontier Central and Bay Chaleurs Routes
A Catalogue of 250 Splendid Modern European Paintings Now Exhibiting at the Assembly Rooms in the Lower Saloon on the First Floor Admission Free Will Be Sold Without the Least Reserve at Public Auction on Tuesday April 12th at 10 OClock A M
The Inscription on the Stele of Mesa Commonly Called the Moabite Stone The Text in Moabite and Hebrew with Translation
The Work of School Improvement League and Suggestions for the Future
Catalogue of Rare Original Paintings By the Most Renowned Masters Also of Valuable Engravings Elegant Sculpture Household Furniture C C Belonging to the Estate of the Late Joseph Napoleon Bonaparte Ex-King of Spain to Be Sold at His Late Resi
The Hoosac Tunnel and Troy and Greenfield Rail Road
Minutes of the Twentieth Annual Session of the Geneva Baptist Association Held with Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church Dale County Alabama October 21 22 23 1896
Public Forestry Research in Latin America Its Status and Needs
Allgemeine Zeitschrift Fur Psychiatrie Und Psychisch-Gerichtliche Medicin 1847 Vol 4 Erstes Heft
Early American and English Historic Naval and Marine Prints and Paintings With Several Experimental Naval Models from the Collection of the Hon Franklin D Roosevelt New York Former Asst Secretary of the Navy With Some Additions from Other Owners
Educational Suggestions Prepared for the Consideration of the House Committee on Education in the Indiana Legislature During the Session of 1873
Report of the Secretary of State on the Subject of the Cod and Whale Fisheries Made Conformably to an Order of the House of Representatives of the United States Referring to Him the Representation of the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachuset
The Payne Tariff Tax Bill Speech of Hon William Sulzer of New York in the House of Representatives Wednesday March 31 1909
Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon Generals Office United States Army Vol 4 Authors and Subjects Coffee-Dzubenko
The Best in Glads 1926 Retail List
The Magi in the West and Their Search for the Christ A Tale for the Christmas Tide
In Memoriam John Alexander Jameson LL D Councilor of the American Academy of Political and Social Science Late Judge of the Superior Court of Chicago Author of Constitutional Conventions Etc
Cheap Food Dependent on Cheap Transportation An Address Delivered Before the Boston Social Science Association January 14th 1869
Les Wisigoths
University Reform Defended In Reply to Six Editorials of the Globe and Leader on the University Commissioners and the Advocates of University Reform in Upper Canada
Let Natures Rich Beauty Surround Your Home A Selected List of Choice Shrubs and Flowers
Popular Government Vol 18 June 1952
Tests of Small Telescopes at the Laboratory of the Dominion Lands Surveys
Annual Report of the Selectmen Assessors and Overseers of the Poor of the Town of Casco for the Year Ending February 17th 1898
Reflections During a Visit to My Native Place
Record of a Seminar on Colonial Life Providing a Weeks Observation and Study of Colonial Society in Virginia Held at the College of William and Mary Williamsburg Virginia June 19 to June 26 1938
Prospectus of Ripley Female College Poultney Vermont 1863
Report of the Provisional Committee Appointed to Prepare a Constitution and Select the Original Members of the British Branch of the Institute of International Affairs
Ecclesiastes or the Preacher And the Song of Solomon
Prohibition in Hawaii Hearing Before the Committee on Pacific Islands and Puerto Rico United States Senate Sixty-Fourth Congress Second Session
The Great Betrayal A Speech on the Reciprocity Agreement Between Canada and the United States Delivered at the Constitutional Club London on March 23 1911
Annual Catalog 1926
Wartime Employment of Boys and Girls Under 18
Provincial Politics 1890 A Speech Delivered by Hon G W Ross Minister of Education in the Legislative Assembly March 25th 1890
Question Du Travail Devant La Societe de St-Vincent de Paul de Montreal Allocution Du President Du Conseil Particulier A LAssemblee Generale Du 20 Avril 1890
Rapport Du Secretaire-Tresorier Du Conseil General Du Barreau de la Province de Quebec Pour LAnnee 1888-9
Mulches for Wind and Water Erosion Control
Evergreens Fruit Trees and Ornamental Plants 1922
The Crest Vol 3 July 1924
Report for the Year 1941
Voters List 1888 Township of East Wawanosh
The Waterfowl Flyways of North America
Federal-State-Private Snow Surveys and Water Supply Outlook for Alaska Feb 1 1980
Letters Etc on the Resources of the Island of Anticosti Issued in Connection with the Abridged Prospectus of the Anticosti Association 1874
The United States Mint A Brief History of the Institution with a Full Description of the Manner in Which Gold Silver Nickel and Copper Are Converted Into Money
Seances Et Travaux de LAcademie Des Sciences Morales Et Politique (Institut de France) 1874 Vol 101 Compte Rendu 33e Annee Premier Semestre
The Italian National Revindications at the Congress of Peace
14th Annual Catalogue 1896 Strawberry Raspberry and Blackberry Plants
A Catalogue of Kitchen Garden Seeds and Plants Physical Seeds and Plants and Seeds to Improve Land 1810 Fruit Trees and Fruits Annual Biennial and Perennial Flowers Herbaceous Plants and Bulbous Roots Forest Trees Flowering Shrubs and Evergreens
The Rough-Bark Disease of the Yellow Newtown Apple
Mgghat Users Guide Version 1 1
A Study of the Relation Between Mental Activity and the Circulation of the Blood Thesis
Op 40 from Holbergs Time Suite in Antique Style for the Piano
Flowering Trees of the Orient 1926 Japanese Cherries Flowering Crabs Japanese and German Iris for Nurserymen
Asbury Trail Award
The Origins of Our Canal System
The Tattoo Method of Marking Hogs and Its Use
Essais de Paleoconchologie Comparee
Storage Catalogue Signal Corps
The Behaviour of Colloidal Suspensions with Immiscible Solvents
Cockshutt Farm Implements Book H Improved Models of Disc and Drag Harrows
Catalogue of the Eightieth Public Sale Rare Coins Medals Tokens U S Fractional Currency Books Almanacs Roman Antiques Gemls Opals Etc Including a Choice Lot of Uncirculated Half Eagles Three Dollars Etc American Medals Jackson Tokens C
Wm Brinkers Special Price List for Market Gardeners and Florists 1903
Bulbs for Fall and Winter Planting Season of 1924
Barnards Market Gardeners Price List of Seeds and Gardening Tools Spring Edition 1900
Northwestern University Record Vol 3 June 1896
Mastick Dahlia Creations Are Distinctly Original and Famous for Their Wondrous Beauty of Form and Coloring 1926
Alkali Soils Origin Examination and Management
Water Supply Sources for the Farmstead and Rural Home
The Maspar MP-1 as a Computer Arithmetic Laboratory
Essential Measures of Prophylaxis Against Tuberculosis
Glaucoma Information for Patients
The Blind Occasional Paper July 20th 1899
Cattle and Dairy Farming Vol 2
Descriptive Catalogue of the Gally Improved Universal Presses October 1 1908
Our Relations with America A Reply to the Arguments of Mr Cobden in the House of Commons as to the Supply of Ammunition of War to the Belligerents And of Historicus in the Times as to Our Interest in Maintaining the Federal Pretensions of Intern
Yam Production Methods
Minutes of the Forty-Third Annual Session of the Judson Baptist Association Held with Christian Grove Church Barbour County ALA Sept 27 and 28 1893
Hybrid Beef Cattle for Subtropical Climates
Correspondence with the Navy Department
A Catalogue of the Magnificent Collection of Pictures of the Late Sir Lawrence Dundas Bart
Absorption Measurements of the X Ray General Radiation
Slocombes Famous Dahlias for 1923
Apparatus for the Determination of Water and Fat in Butter
Plains Forester Vol 1 November 1936
Proposed Designs for the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine New York
Wholesale Catalogue for Nurseries and Dealers Comprising Fruit Seeds Ornamental-Tree and Shrub Seeds Stocks for Engrafting Scions and Cutting Fruit and Ornamental Trees and Shrubs Including Evergreens Flowering Plants Bulbous Roots C C Jan 18
Filmo Topics Vol 18 Christmas 1942
Road Bulletin No 2 1896
Insects in Relation to National Defense Vol 7 Mosquitoes
Twelve Modern Scottish Country Dances in Traditional Form
Power Requirements of Electrically Driven Dairy Manufacturing Equipment
Catalogue of a Collection of Rare American and Foreign Gold Silver Nickel and Copper Coins Medals Curios Coin Books Cabinets Almanacs C Also an Invoice of Choice U S Cents and Half Cents
Wholesale Price List of the Parsons Wholesale Nurseries Vol 34 For Fall of 1904
Gastight Fabric for Use in Fumigating with Hydrocyanic Acid Gas
Retail Catalogue for Spring and Fall of 1885 of Fruit and Ornamental Trees Flowering Shrubs Roots C
Masons Quarterly Coin Collectors Magazine Vol 6 July 1872
A Catalogue of the Genuine Collection of Original and Splendid Italian Dutch and Flemish Paintings the Entire Property of M M Zachary Esq Selected by Him from Several of the Most Distinguished Galleries and Collections in England and on the Contine
Proprietary and Other Tax Lists of the County of Bucks for the Years 1779 1781 1782 1783 1784 1785 1786
Old English Furniture from the 16th to the 19th Centuries A Guide for the Collector
Mehls Coin Circular Special Offers in Good Coins Medals and Currency August 1922
Collinss Peerage of England Vol 3 of 9 Genealogical Biographical and Historical Greatly Augmented and Continued to the Present Time
Hardware and Metal Vol 19 A Weekly Newspaper Devoted to the Hardware Metal Heating and Plumbing Trades in Canada October-December 1907
The Antiquities of Warwickshire Illustrated From Records Leiger-Books Manuscripts Charters Evidences Tombes and Armes Beautified with Maps Prospects and Portraictures
Production Analysis and Control
Heart 1923 Vol 10 A Journal for the Study of the Circulation
Pennsylvania in the War of the Revolution Associated Battalions and Militia 1775-1783 Vol 1
History of the Fan
A MElroys Philadelphia Directory for 1839 Containing the Names of the Inhabitants Their Occupations Places of Business and Dwelling-Houses Also a List of the Streets Lanes Alleys C The City Officers Public Institutions and Banks Besides
Motography Vol 10 Exploiting Motion Pictures July-December 1913
Theory of Structures and Strength of Materials With Diagrams Illustrations and Examples
Ohio Authors and Their Books Biographical Data and Selective Bibliographies for Ohio Authors Native and Resident 1796-1950
Free Baptist Cyclopaedia Historical and Biographical
The Free Will Baptist 1962 Vol 77
Fractures and Dislocations Diagnosis and Treatment
A Treatise on Physical Chemistry Vol 2 of 2 A Co-Operative Effort by a Group of Physical Chemists
History of Hartford County Connecticut 1633-1928 Vol 2 Being a Study of the Makers of the First Constitution and the Story of Their Lives of Their Descendants and of All Who Have Come
Our Police Protectors History of the New York Police from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
Medical Services General History Vol 4 Medical Services During the Operations on the Gallipoli Peninsula In Macedonia In Mesopotamia and North-West Persia In East Africa In the Aden Protectorate and in North Russia Ambulance Transport During the
Comparative Anatomy
The English Historical Review 1913 Vol 28
The Americana 1912 An Universal Reference Library Comprising the Arts and Sciences Literature History Biography Geography Commerce Etc of the World
The Genealogist 1912 Vol 28 A Quarterly Magazine of Genealogical Antiquarian Topographical and Heraldic Research
Chamberss Encyclopedia Vol 6 A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge for the People Illustrated with Maps and Numerous Wood Engravings
Genealogy of the Child Childs and Childe Families of the Past and Present in the United States and the Canadas From 1630 to 1881
A Treatise on the Law of Wills Vol 1 of 2 Including Their Execution Revocation Etc Also a Full Discussion of the Rules and Principles of Their Construction
Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography Vol 5
A Treatise of the Pleas of the Crown or a System of the Principal Matters Relating to That Subject Digested Under Proper Heads Vol 1 Of Criminal Offences Arranged According to the Analysis of Blackstone with the Statutes and Decisions Down to the P
The Journal of Geology Vol 19 A Semi-Quarterly Magazine of Geology and Related Sciences January-February 1911
Nature Vol 24 A Weekly Illustrated Journal of Science May-October 1881
The British Journal of Photography 1887 Vol 34
Surface Water Supply of the Colorado River Drainage Above Yuma
Contributions from the Laboratory of Plant Genetics Vol 1 1909-1913
Genealogies Necrology and Reminiscences of the Irish Settlement or a Record of Those Scotch-Irish Presbyterian Families Who Were the First Settlers in the Forks of Delaware Now Northampton County Pennsylvania A Sequel to the History of the Alle
The Bell System Technical Journal 1935 Vol 14 A Journal Devoted to the Scientific and Engineering Aspects of Electrical Communication Table of Contents and Index
A Descriptive and Historical Account of the Town and County of Newcastle Upon Tyne Vol 1 Including the Borough of Gateshead
The Baronetage and Knightage of the British Empire for 1882 Forming the Second Part of the Peerage Baronetage and Knightage of the British Empire
A Treatise on the Grammar of New Testament Greek Regarded as the Basis of New Testament Exegesis
Proceedings 1886
Canadian Educator for Home and School Use
The Modern Language Review 1921 Vol 16 A Quarterly Journal Devoted to the Study of Medieval and Modern Literature and Philology
History of McLean County Illinois Vol 2 of 2
Canadian Furniture World and the Undertaker 1915 Vol 5
The Astrophysical Journal Vol 53 An International Review of Spectroscopy and Astronomical Physics January-June 1921
Transactions of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers (Incorporated) with Which Is Consolidated the American Institute of Metals Vol 61 Containing Papers and Discussions on Geology Mining and Milling Coal Oil and Gas Present
One Hundred Years of Singapore Vol 2 Being Some Account of the Capital of the Straits Settlements from Its Foundation by Sir Stamford Raffles on the 6th February 1819 to the 6th February 1919
Hardwood Record Vol 24 April 25 1907
Publications of Cornell University Medical College 1910 Vol 1 Studies from the Department of Anatomy
Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Uterus Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes
Raleigh County and the Western Portions of Mercer and Summers Counties
The Law of a Justice of Peace and Parish Officer Containing All the Acts of Parliament at Large Concerning Them and the Cases Determined on Those Acts in the Court of Kings Bench
Acute Contagious Diseases
Cape Times Law Reports of All Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of the Cape of Good Hope During the Year 1899 Vol 9 With Index of Cases and Digest
The English Dialect Grammar Comprising the Dialects of England of the Shetland and Orkney Islands and of Those Parts of Scotland Ireland and Wales Where English Is Habitually Spoken
The Council Book of the Corporation of the Youghal From 1610 to 1659 from 1666 to 1687 and from 1690 to 1800
The Universal Botanist and Nurseryman Vol 1 of 4 Containing Descriptions of the Species and Varieties of All the Trees Shrubs Herbs Flowers and Fruits Natives and Exotics
The Universal Botanist and Nurseryman Vol 3 of 4 Containing Descriptions of the Species and Varieties of All the Trees Shrubs Herbs Flowers and Fruits Natives and Exotics at Present Cultivated in the European Nurseries Greenhouses and Stoves O
State Papers Vol 10 King Henry the Eighth Part V-Continued Foreign Correspondence 1544-1545
Western Lumberman 1914 Vol 11
The Eskimo Tribes Their Distribution and Characteristics Especially as Regards Language With a Comparative Vocabulary and a Map
The Journal of Geology Vol 29 A Semi-Quarterly Magazine of Geology and Related Sciences January-December 1921
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Eustratii in Analyticorum Posteriorum Librum Secundum Commentarium Consilio Et Auctoritate Academiae Litterarum Regiae Borussicae
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Spring 1911
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Armenia and the Pontus
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Flora of the Vicinity of New York
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On the Expected Complexity of the 3-Dimensional Voronoi Diagram
Catalogue of the Hawaiian Collection of American and Foreign Coins Comprising Many Rarities Among Which May Be Mentioned a Very Fine Collection of Siege Pieces Single and Double Crowns Rare Copperheads and an Interesting Lot of Curiosities to Be Sol
Report of Fourteenth Annual Date Growers Institute Held in Coachella Valley California April 10 1937
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Victory Forward Policy and Plans
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Noncontact Measurement of the Exit Temperature of Sheet Metal in an Operating Rolling Mill
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Code of Fair Competition for the Malleable Iron Industry As Approved on November 27 1933 by President Roosevelt
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Palisades Sunset Legally Reproducible Orchestra Parts for Elementary Ensemble with Free Online MP3 Accompaniment Track
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Charge to the Grand Jury at the July Term of the Municipal Court in Boston 1854
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The University Question
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The Recovery Problem in the United States
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Japanese Diplomacy and Force in Korea
The Merry Andrew or the Humours of a Fair Giving a Description of Amusements in Early Life
Sundry Civil Bill 1920 Vol 2 Hearings Before Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations Consisting of Messrs Swagar Sherley (Chairman) William Schley Howard James F Byrnes Frederick H Gillett and Frank W Mondell in Charge of Sundry CI
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Beware of Mischief-Makers 1917
Consular Cases and Opinions From the Decisions of the English and American Courts and the Opinions of the Attorneys General
Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the Province of Quebec for the Year 1888-89
Evaluating Operating Efficiency of Service Businesses with Data Envelopment Analysis Empirical Study of Bank Branch Operations February 1983
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Manual of Homoeopathic Theory and Practice Designed for the Use of Physicians and Families
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The Journal of the Canadian Mining Institute 1911 Vol 14
A Practical Treatise on Medical Diagnosis for Students and Physicians
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A Practical Treatise on the Diseases and Infirmities of Advanced Life
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The Merchants Calculator or New Complete and Extended Ready Reckoner Adapted to the Use of Merchants and Dealers in Every Branch of Trade Shewing at One View the Amount or Value of Any Number or Quantity of Goods or Merchandize from One to Ten Thous
The Royal Road to French An Introduction to The de Brisay Analytical Method of Learning the French Language
The Chronicle of Morea to Chronikon Tou Moreos A History in Political Verse Relating the Establishment of Feudalism in Greece by the Franks in the Thirteenth Century
Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion Vol 27 Naval Forces on Western Waters from January 1 to September 6 1865 Supply Vessels 1861-1865
Effect of Frequency in Alternating Incandescent Lighting
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Winter Injury or Die-Back of the Walnut
Monotown Urban Dreams Brutal Imperatives
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Pettys Pure Bred Seed Corn and Field Seeds 1928 26th Season
Tax Laws of Ohio So Far as the Same Relate to the Duties of County Auditors City Village and Township Assessors in the Re-Appraisement of Real Property to Which Is Added Instructions by the Auditor of State 1910
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Popular Government Vol 37 September 1970
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For the Reenactment of the Chinese Exclusion Law Californias Memorial to the President and the Congress of the United States
St Andrew the Patron Saint of Scotland
Asparagus Its Care and Cultivation
The Dandys Perambulations Embellished with Sixteen Caricature Engravings
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A Hobby That Grew
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Refractive Index Absorption Wave-Length Rotatory Power in Relation to Molecular Structure
Commentaire Sur Le Code Napoleon Vol 5 Contenant LExplication de Chaque Article Separement LEnonciation Au Bas Du Commentaire Des Questions Quil a Fait Naitre Les Principales Raisons de Decider Pour Et Contre
Vivian A Tale of Chateau Richer
Lehrbuch Der Geburtshilfe Fir irzte Und Studirende
LAmbigu Ou Variitis Littiraires Et Politiques 1814 Vol 44 Recueil Piriodique Publii Le 10 20 Et 30 de Chaque Mois
Seven Sprays and a Golden Poppy Poems a Song and a Story
My Horse Jesse A Sequel to When Lincoln Kissed Me
Atomic Theory and Low-Voltage Arcs in Caesium Vapor
Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers in the Southern Region Recovery Through Management
The Hand-Book of Taste in Book-Binding
Message of the Governor of the State of Illinois Transmitted to the General Assembly December 3 1844
Argument with Statement of Facts Sworn to and Citations from the Constitution and Laws of Louisiana to Show That the Temporary and Permanent Organization of the House of Representatives of the State of Louisiana on the 4th of January 1875 Under Which
Old Penn Street The Old Fourth Ward
Constitutional Argument Against American Slavery
The Story of Nancy McClure Captivity Among the Sioux
Observations on the Effect of the Manufacturing System With Hints for the Improvement of Those Parts of It Which Are Most Injurious to Health and Morals
India and Ireland
Biscayne Bay Dade Co Florida Between the 25th and 26th Degrees of Latitude A Complete Manual of Information Concerning the Climate Soil Products Etc of the Lands Bordering on Biscayne Bay in Florida
Benjamin Franklin and the First Balloons
Mohonk Lake Mountain House
Care and Management of Orchards
The Work of the Benedictines of Solesmes in the Plainsong Revival
Francis Thompson
A Memoir on the Water Supply of the City of San Francisco
Date Culture in Ancient Babylonia A Dissertation
Alexandria Bay and the Thousand Islands A Summer Resort for Pleasure Seekers
Program of Competition Utah State Capitol Building
Contributions to the History of the Kip Family of New York and New Jersey
Brief Sketch of the Plan and Advantages of a Sectional Floating Dry Dock Combined with a Permanent Stone Basin and Platform and Connected with Level Bedways Sliding Ways and Housed Slips for Reparing Launching and Laying Up in Ordinary the Ships of
The Problem of Forestry in Minnesota Report to the State Forestry Board of Minnesota
Treatment of Fracture of the Jaw With Critical Remarks as Sent to D Hayes Agnew
Thus Saith the Owl!
An Oration Delivered at Plymouth December 22 1802 At the Anniversary Commemoration of the First Landing of Our Ancestors at That Place
The Downfall of Henry Ward Beecher Theodore Tiltons Full Statement of the Great Preachers Guilt Bedroom and Parlor Scenes A Shocking Revelation of Mr Beechers Actions Toward Mrs Tilton The Broken-Hearted Husband Etc
Some Observations on Dr Rushs Work on the Diseases of the Mind With Remarks on the Nature and Treatment of Insanity
An Address Delivered Before the Philosophian and Adelphian Societies of the Furman University at Their Annual Meeting Greenville S C July 18 1855
Speech of W O Butler of Kentucky In Committee of the Whole in Reply to Mr Biddle and Mr Hunt Upon the Appropriation for Suppressing Hostilities in Florida Delivered in the House of Representatives June 11 1840
Observations on Aneurism Of the Abdominal Aorta
What Is Homeopathy A New Exposition of a Great Truth
List of Choice Dahlias 1922
A Contribution to the Investigation of the Assimilation of Free Atmospheric Nitrogen by White and Black Mustard
I and J L Leonards Wholesale and Retail Price List for Spring and Summer 1895 of Iona Nurseries and Vegetable Plant Farm
List of Organized Camps of the United Confederate Veterans Corrected to August 31 1921 Containing Names of Department Division and Brigade Commanders and Their Adjutants General and Addresses List of Camps Numerically Arranged Summary of Camps by S
Catalogue for 1889
Intemperance Extracts from Pikes History of Crime
Evaluation of an Inexpensive Method to Stabilize the Temperature of Machine Tool Components
Dahlias and Gladiolus 1921
Fall Bulbs Flower and Vegetable Seeds
Wm H Doyles Nursery 1922 50 Acres Trees Shrubs and Native Wild Plants
Copper Sulphate and Germination Treatment of Seed with Copper Sulphate to Prevent the Attacks of Fungi
Catalogue of Important Pictures by Old Masters the Property of Sir W R Williams Bart Deceased Late of Upcott Barnstaple (Sold by Order of the Executors) Also Old Pictures and Works of the Early English School the Property of Lady Beaujolois Dent
Cactus Solution as an Adhesive in Arsenical Sprays for Insects
Voters List 1881 Municipality of Prescott
Silvical Characteristics of Yellow-Poplar (Liriodendron Tulipifera L)
Technique of Developing a Drying Process for Small Stock September 1940
An Absolute Determination of the Minimum Ionizing Energy of an Electron and an Application of the Theory of Ionization by Collision to Mixtures of Gases A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the Ogden Graduate School of Science in Candidacy for the
The Laborator Eclipse Expedition
Catalogue of a Collection of Pictures on Glass and Decorative Furniture The Property of Mrs R W Skipwith Who Has Given Up Her House 13 Montagu Square W Also Porcelain and Objects of Art from Various Sources
A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents Vol 5
Baker Bros Nursery Fort Worth Texas Price List Fall 1945-Spring 1925
Twenty-Eighth Auction Sale Coins Fractional Currency Medals Etc Properties of H S Williams Cleveland Ohio Clayton C Herr Bloomington Ill and Others
Notice Sur La Constitution de Sicile de LAnnee 1812 Et Sur LActe DUnion Donne a Caserte En LAnnee 1816
Catalogue of Phillips University Enid Oklahoma 1915-16 Ninth Session with Announcements for the Session of 1916-17
Archives Parlementaires Vol 2 Recueil Complet Des Debats Legislatifs Et Politiques Des Chambres Francaises de 1800 a 1860 Paisant Suite a la Reimpression de LAncien Moniteur Et Comprenant En Grand Nombre de Docements Tres-Rares Consulat Du 9
The Official Year Book of New South Wales 1904-5
The Liberal Magazine Vol 7 A Periodical for the Use of Liberal Speakers and Canvassers Forming a Political Record for the Year 1899
The Official Year-Book of the Church of England 1887
Projet DUn Code International Propose Aux Diplomates Aux Hommes DEtat Et Aux Jurisconsultes Du Droit International Contenant En Outre LExpose Du Droit International Actuel Sur Les Matieres Les Plus Importantes Extradition Naturalisation Stat
Interstate Transportation Vol 2 A Treatise on the Federal Regulation of Interstate Transportation and Common Carriers Including Jurisdiction of the Interstate Commerce Commission Revised to Date Containing the Mann-Elkins Bill of June 18 1910
Cases Determined by the St Louis and the Kansas City Courts of Appeals of the State of Missouri Vol 97 December 1 1902 to January 5 1903
The Dongan Charter and Present Charter Together with Laws of the State of New York Applicable to the City of Albany and the City Laws and Ordinances of the City of Albany
Wisconsin Reports Vol 143 Cases Determined in the Supreme Court of Wisconsin May 24-November 15 1910
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Vol 44 Year 1881
The Practice of Urology A Surgical Treatise on Genito-Urinary Diseases Including Syphilis
Bibliography of the Relation of Secondary Schools to Higher Education
Le Correspondant 1860 Vol 51 Recueil Periodique Religion Philosophie Politique Sciences Litterature Beaux-Arts Nouvelle Serie Tome Quinzieme
State Laws Relating to the Management of Roads Enacted in 1888-93
Recent Social Trends in the United States Vol 2 Report of the Presidents Research Committee on Social Trends With a Foreword by Herbert Hoover President of the United States
Reports of Cases Decided in the Appellate Courts of the State of Illinois Vol 47 Containing Cases in Which Opinions Were Filed in the First District in January 1893 in the Second District in May and June 1898 and in the Fourth District in March and
Revue Contemporaine 1863 Vol 32 Douzieme Annee
Coal Industry Commission Vol 2 Reports and Minutes of Evidence on the Second Stage of the Inquiry
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Reports of Cases at Law and in Equity Determined by the Supreme Court of the State of Iowa Vol 167 September Term 1914
Catalogue of Copyright Entries Published by Authority of the Acts of Congress March 3 1891 of June 30 1906 and of March 4 1909 Vol 26 Part 2 Periodicals Including List of Copyright Renewals 1931
LAmi de la Religion Et Du Roi 1819 Vol 19 Journal Ecclesiastique Politique Et Litteraire
Revue Bourguignonne de LEnseignement Superieur 1891 Vol 1 Publiee Par Les Professeurs Des Facultes Et de LEcole de Medecine Et de Pharmacie de Dijon
Buffalo Medical Journal Vol 59 August 1903 to July 1904
Updating Bulldozer Fireline Production Rates
Lineage Book 1902 Vol 41 National Society of the Daughters of American Revolution
Les Associations Professionnelles Ouvrieres Vol 4 Industries Du Batiment Transports Industries Diverses
The Workes of Our Ancient and Learned English Poet Geffrey Chaucer Newly Printed To That Which Was Done in the Former Impression Thus Much Is Now Added 1 in the Life of Chaucer Many Things Inserted 2 the Whole Worke by Old Copies Reformed 3 Sent
Littells Living Age Vol 204 January February March 1895
The American Decisions Vol 59 Containing the Cases of General Value and Authority Decided in the Courts of the Several States from the Earliest Issue of the State Reports to the Year 1869
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North Carolina Medical Journal Vol 9 January-December 1948
Report of the Minister of Public Works on the Works Under His Control For the Fiscal Year Ended 30th June 1892
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Housing and Urban-Rural Recovery Act of 1982 Vol 1 Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Housing and Community Development of the Committee on Banking Finance and Urban Affairs House of Representatives Ninety-Seventh Congress Second Session March 1
The Economic Journal 1893 Vol 3 The Journal of the British Economic Association
Archives Parlementaires de 1787 a 1860 Vol 63 Recueil Complet Des Debats Legislatifs Et Politiques Des Chambres Francaises
A Contribution Towards an Accurate Biography of Charles Auguste de Beriot and Maria Felicita Malibran-Garcia Extracted from the Correspondence of the Former
LAmi de la Religion Et Du Roi 1816 Vol 7 Journal Ecclesiastique Politique Et Litteraire
Chestnut Circular For the Fall of 1870 and Spring of 1871
The Bewcastle Cross
Oeuvres Completes de Bourdaloue de la Compagnie de Jesus Vol 3 Dominicales Mysteres Panegyriques Analyses
A Tale of the Acadian Expulsion
Speech of Mr Robertson of Virginia On His Motion to Recommit the Report and Resolutions of the Select Committee on the Subject of Abolition Delivered in the House of Representatives May 1836
The Jews of Turkey
Staats-Und Gesellschaft-Lexikon Vol 15 In Verbindung Mit Deutschen Gelehrten Und Staatsmannern Oesterreichischen Erbfolgekrieg Bis Pomare
Archives Parlementaires de 1787 a 1860 Vol 69 Recueil Complet Des Debats Legislatifs Et Politiques Des Chambres Francaises Imprime Par Ordre Du Senat Et de la Chambre Des Deputes Du 26 Juillet Au 19 Septembre 1831
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LAmi de la Religion Et Du Roi Vol 21 Journal Ecclesiastique Politique Et Litteraire Samedi 14 Aout 1819
An Interpretation of Maeterlincks Blue Bird
Select Cases and Other Authorities on the Law of Trusts
Register of All Officers and Agents Civil Military and Naval in the Service of the United States on the Thirtieth September 1845 With the Names Force and Condition of All Ships and Vessels Belonging to the United States and When and Where Built
Archives Parlementaires de 1787 a 1860 Vol 38 Recueil Complet Des Debats Legislatifs Et Politiques Des Chambres Francaises Du 1st Aout 1822 Au 22 Mars 1823
Life and Mind
United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Transcript of Record Vol 1 of 4 Louis Mason L O Clark Johanna Farlin C C Clark L P Forestell A F Bushnell John Dolan Pat Lerous J T Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Brown Appella
Life Among the Pygmies Of the Ituri Forest Congo Free State
1923 New Bedford and Fairhaven Directory of the Inhabitants Business Firms Institutions City Government Manufacturing Establishments Societies House and Street Directory Map Etc
Special Trade List of Surplus Stock for Fall Delivery 1902
Revue de Rouen Et de la Normandie 1859 Premier Semestre
Catalogue of Choice Farm and Vegetable Seeds
The European Corn Borer How to Control It
LAmi de la Religion Et Du Roi 1815 Vol 5 Journal Ecclesiastique Politique Et Litteraire
Neutron Diffraction Investigation of Residual Stresses in Transverse Oblique Rail Slices Subjected to Different Grinding Strategies
Packaging and Prepackaging of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables July 1946-December 1947 A List of References
Mining an Investment a Speculation or a Gamble Address by T A Rickard Editor of the Mining and Scientific Press San Francisco at the International Mining Convention in Vancouver British Columbia on March 17th 1919
Market Gardeners Price List 1921
Plum River Fault Zone of Northwestern Illinois
Wholesale Price List 1903 Rare Plants and Novelties Grown by Theodosia B Shepherd Company Ventura-By-The-Sea California
The Improvement of Naturally Cross-Pollinated Plants by Selection in Self-Fertilized Lines Vol 3 Investigations with Vegetatively Propagated Fruits
Semi-Annual Trade List Autumn 1880
The Pick O the Dahlias 1924
International Comparison of X-Ray Standards
Descriptive Catalogue of Vines Etc Etc With Explanatory Remarks and Indications for Cultivation
Address of Dr Walter Wyman Supervising Surgeon-General U S Marine Hospital Service May 18 1894 In Re a Proposed Bill to Establish a Bureau of Public Health in the Department of the Interior Etc
List of Voters for the Town of Goderich 1876
Production of Pressboard from Cornstalks
Protection Plots Lengthen Life of the Stock Tanks and Aid in Controlling Erosion
To Make Men Traitors Germanys Attempts to Seduce Her Prisoners-Of-War
Sketch of the Life of James H Salisbury With Portrait
Successful Citrus Growing in the Magic Valley Some Interesting Facts and Figures for Citrus Growers and Others Interested
Grade Count Surplus Imported Stocks Transplanting Stocks Seedlings and Scions Supplies
The Capillary Distribution of Moisture in Soil Columns of Small Cross Section
Rayners 1943 Berry Book
Descriptive Catalogue of New Fruits 1903-1904
From Grower to Consumer Spring 1920
Strain Measurement in the Reinforcement for the Dome of the Natural History Building
The Agricultural Resources of Somalia
The Use of Sulfur Dioxide in Shipping Grapes
The Relation of Rate of Maturity to Egg Production
Farmhouses for Southern States
Check List of New Plant Introductions Ready to Be Tested by Cooperators 1919-20
Uterine Myomata and Their Treatment
Pyorrhea Extermination (Gingivo-Ectomy)
Chinese and Japanese Bronzes Pottery Porcelains Wood Carvings Small Rugs Together with Prints Table Glass and Porcelain Silver and a Few Pieces of Furniture Property of a New York Private Collector Removed from 640 Park Avenue Sold by His Order
Stamps That Illustrate Education Literacy and Mobility of the Blind
Special Appended Reports 1907-8 Eggs and Early Life History of the Cod Haddock and Mackerel Migration of Sea Fish
Natural Regeneration of Engelmann Spruce After Clearcutting in the Central Rocky Mountains in Relation to Environmental Factors
Catalogue of an Important Collection of Pictures from the Distinguished Collection of His Royal Highness the Duke of Lucca In Particular La Madonna Dei Candelabri by Raphael Noli Me Tangere by Frederico Baroccio The Transporting the Santa Casa de Lo
Manson Campbell Manufacturer of the Famous Chatham Fanning Mills
Fall Catalog 1952
The Status of Migratory Game Birds 1939-40 Prepared in the Section of Distribution and Migration of Birds Division of Wildlife Research
Leonard Coates Nursery Company Inc Season 1919-20
Container Information 1945 No 45-No 50
Annual Catalogue of Esculent Vegetable and Other Seeds of the Choicest American and Imported Varieties 1839 Linnaean Botanic Garden and Nurseries
Report of First Annual Meeting Held at Madison May 2 1890 Addresses by Prof James Davie Butler LL D on A Day at Delphi and by Prof Charles Edwin Bennett on The Work and Aims of the Archaeological Institute of America
The American Reports Vol 18 Containing All Decisions of General Interest Decided in the Courts of Last Resort of the Several States with the Notes and References Containing All Cases of General Importance in the Following Reports 28 Arkansas 24 Gra
Statutes Made for the University of Oxford and for the Colleges and Halls Therein by the University of Oxford Commissioners Acting in Pursuance of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge ACT 1877 Approved by the Queen in Council
United States of America vs International Harvester Company et al Vol 6 Record Testimony of Witnesses for the Defendants
Grahams Elements of Chemistry Vol 2
The American Journal of Education 1876 Vol 26 Published Quarterly
Mineral Resources of the United States
Hills Burlington and Graham (Alamance County N C) City Directory 1959 Including Alamance Elon College Glen Raven Haw River and Hopedale Containing an Alphabetical Directory of Business Concerns and Private Citizens a Directory of Householders
Register of Debates in Congress 1837 Vol 13 Comprising the Leading Debates and Incidents of the Second Session of the Twenty-Fourth Congress Together with an Appendix Containing Important State Papers and Public Documents and the Laws of a Public N
Public Characters of All Nations Vol 2 of 3 Consisting of Biographical Accounts of Nearly Three Thousand Eminent Contemporaries Alphabetically Arranged
Official Opinions of the Attorneys General of the United States Advising the President and Heads of Departments Vol 3 In Relation to Their Official Duties and Expounding the Constitution Subsisting Treaties with Foreign Governments and with Indian Tr
The Annual Cyclopedia and Register of Important Events of the Year 1872 Vol 12 Embracing Political Civil Military and Social Affairs Public Documents Biography Statistics Commerce Finance Literature Science Agriculture and Mechanical Indust
Forty-Sixth Annual Catalogue of the Kansas State Normal School Emporia Kansas 1910
Transactions of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers 1921 Vol 64 With Which Is Consolidated the American Institute of Metals
The Quarterly Journal of Economics 1914 Vol 28
The Brethren Missionary Herald Vol 2 January 6 1940
La Liberte de Penser 1854 Vol 7 Revue Democratique
Revolutions de Paris Dediees a la Nation 1793
The Law Reports Court of Common Pleas Vol 10 Reported by John Scott and Edmund Lumley Barristers-At-Law From Michaelmas Term 1874 to Trinity Team 1875 Both Inclusive XXXVIII Victoria
Hunts Merchants Magazine and Commercial Review Vol 41 From July to December Inclusive 1859
The North American Review 1923 Vol 217
Seventeenth Annual Report of the Superintendent Public Instruction of the State of Wisconsin for the Year Ending August 31 1865
Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Convention of the Association of American Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations Held at Champaign Illinois November 11 12 and 13 1890
1907 Price List Cancelling Previous Lists of Light Filters Cameras and All Materials for Orthochromatic and Colour Photography Scientific Instruments for Light Measurement Photo Spectroscopes Photo Micrographic Appliances Etc
Raindrops and Erosion
Popular Government Vol 5 October 1937
Larch Mistletoe Some Economic Considerations of Its Injurious Effects
1926 Catalogue of Rockmont Nursery Including New or Noteworthy Plants
Abstract of the Twenty-Sixth Annual Report of the American Madura Mission for 1860
Report of the Postmaster-General of the United States Being Part of the Message and Documents Commented to the Two Houses of Congress at the Beginning of the Second Session of the Fifty-Fourth Congress
Detailed Techniques for Preparing and Using Hard Gallium Alloys
Catalogue of the Collection of Pictures Bequeathed to Dulwich College by Sir Francis Bourgeois
Report on Property of Drum Lummon Mines Ltd
Woodworkers Tool Works 1929 Saws Tools Knives
Low Voltage Arcs in Diatomic Gases Vol 1 Hydrogen Nitrogen and Iodine
1922 Hallauers Select Bulbs Gladioli Dahlias Peonies Hardy Plants
Cytological and Genetic Studies of Sterility in Inbred and Hybrid Maize
How Damage to Balsam Fir Develops After a Spruce Budworm Epidemic
Butter Oil a Review of Literature I Food Product of the United States II Ghee Food Product of the Middle East
1921 Buists Price List of Garden Seeds for Summer and Fall Planting
Chestnut Oak in the Southern Appalachians
Gladioli Grown by G D Black and Son Gladiolus Specialists
List of Streets in Detroit the Names of Which Have Been Changed With the Dates of City Ordinances Changing the Same
Development of Methods of Draining Irrigated Lands
A Collection of Select Specimens of United States Coins and a Few of Ancient Gold Etc Being the Second Formed by Mr E W Ropes of New York City To Be Sold at Public Auction Without Reserve at the Salesrooms of Messrs Bangs and Co Auctioneers
Vick Quality Asters Florists Whole Sale Prices 1913
First Annual Report of the Trustees of Beloit College January 1849
Season 1902-03 the Mendelssohn Choir of Toronto AS Vogt Conductor Annual Concerts Wednesday Evening February 11th and Thursday Evening February 12th 1903 The Chorus of the Society in Association with the Pittsburgh Orchestra Victor Herbert C
Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide ACT And Pesticide Import and Export Act of 1985 Vol 1 Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Department Operations Research and Foreign Agriculture of the Committee on Agriculture House of Representative
The American Economic Review Vol 9 Papers and Proceedings of the Thirty-First Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association Richmond Va December 1918
Laws of the State of Illinois Enacted by the Fiftieth General Assembly at the Regular Biennial Session Begun and Held at the Capitol in the City of Springfield on the Third Day of January A D 1917 and Adjourned Sine Die on the Twenty-Ninth Day of Jun
The New American Thrift Vol 87 The Annals January 1920
Twenty-Second Annual Catalogue 1914-1915
United States Reports Vol 215 Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court at October Term 1909
American Negligence Reports Current Series Cited Am Neg Rep Vol 10 All the Current Negligence Cases Decided in the Federal Courts of the United States the Courts of Last Resort of All the States and Territories and Selections from the Intermediate
Reimpression de LAncien Moniteur Seule Histoire Authentique Et Inalteree de la Revolution Francaise Vol 26 Depuis La Reunion Des Etats-Generaux Jusquau Consulat (Mai 1789-Novembre 1799) Avec Des Notes Explicatives Convention Nationale Di
Seventh Annual Report of the the Philippine Commission 1906 Vol 3 of 3
Annual Report of the Superintendent of Education on the Public Schools of Nova Scotia For the Year Ending 31st October 1892
The Calendar of the University of Toronto For the Year 1914-1915
The American and English Railroad Cases Vol 47 A Collection of All the Railroad Cases in the Courts of Last Resort in America and England
The American Decisions Vol 78 Containing the Cases of General Value and Authority Decided in the Courts of the Several States from the Earliest Issue of the State Reports to the Year 1869
Objects and Plan of the National Association of Wool Manufacturers Its Organization Articles of Association and By-Laws
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Queens Bench and Upon Writs of Error from That Court to the Exchequer Chamber in Hilary Easter and Trinity Terms 1843 Vol 2 With an Index of the Principal Matters
Financial Institutions Act of 1957 Vol 1 Hearings Before the Committee on Banking and Currency House of Representatives Eighty-Fifth Congress First Session on S 1451 and H R 7026 July 15 16 17 18 22 23 24 25 26 30 31 August 1 2 5 6
United States Steel Corporation 1912 Vol 1 of 8 Hearings Before the Committee on Investigation of United States Steel Corporation House of Representatives Hearings Nos 1-11 (Pages 1-782)
Transactions of the Southern Surgical Association Vol 35 Thirty-Fifth Session Held at Memphis Tennessee December 12 13 and 14 1922
1986-88 Graduate Programs at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Canadian National Problems 1913 Vol 45 The Annals
A Guide to Serial Publications 1922 Vol 1 Founded Prior to 1918 and Now or Recently Current in Boston Cambridge and Vicinity A-Bibl
Fifty-Ninth Annual Report of the Board of Education Together with the Fifty-Ninth Annual Report of the Secretary of the Board 1894-1895 January 1896
Revue Scientifique Vol 1 31e Annee 1er Semestre 1er Janvier Au 30 Juin 1891
A Treatise on the Law of Monopolies and Industrial Trusts As Administered in England and in the United States of America
Jewish Contributions to Civilization An Address Delivered in Chicago Before the Worlds Parliament of Religions on September 18 1893
The Livestock and Meat Situation January 1958
A Neglected Educator Johann Heinrich Alsted
William Blake Seer Poet and Artist
A Report of a Committee of the Presbytery of Fayetteville on the Condition and Prospects of Davidson College To Which Are Prefixed Resolutions of the Presbytery Touching the Subject Matter of the Report
On to Victory A Temperance Cantata in One Scene For the Little Ones
Nicaragua Land of Enchanted Vistas
The Good Parishioner A Discourse Occasioned by the Death of Benjamin Rich Esq Delivered in the Church on Church Green June 8 1851
Solemn Caution Against the Ten Horns of Calvinism
Capacity Allocation in Generalized Jackson Networks
Pisgah or the Choice The Triennial Prize Poem on a Sacred Subject in the University of Oxford 1914
Why We Have Chosen Forest Hills Gardens for Our Home
Educational Reconstruction
Illustrations of Phallicism Consisting of Ten Plates of Remains of Ancient Art with Descriptions
Types of Indian Culture in California
LArmenie Sovietique
Protest of the Cherokee Nation Against the Passage of House Bill to Provide Further Security to Persons and Property in the Indian Territory and for Other Purposes
California Walnuts Almonds and Chestnuts Their Composition and Draft Upon the Soil And the Bleaching of Nuts by Dipping
The Pan-American Exposition Buffalo May to November 1901
Scientific Method in Education
Efficient Parallel and Serial Approximate String Matching
an Catalogue of a Singularly Valuable and Highly Curious Collection of Old Oriental Porcelain the Genuine Property of a Collection of Taste A Comprising Rare and Precious Specimen of the Finest Mandarin Egg-Shell Crackle Enamel Honey Comb Burnt-In
Calendar of the Charter Rolls Preserved in the Public Record Office Vol 3 Edward I Edward II A D 1300-1326
Blackwoods Edinburgh Magazine Vol 79 January-June 1856
American and English Railroad Cases Vol 3 A Collection of All Cases Affecting Railroads of Every Kind Decided by the Courts of Appellate Jurisdiction in the United States England and Canada
Theatre Complet de Alex Dumas Vol 23 Le Gentilhomme de la Montagne La Dame de Monsoreau
The American Phonetic Dictionary of the English Language Adapted to the Present State of Literature and Science With Pronouncing Vocabularies of Classical Scriptural and Geographical Names
Catalogue of Coins Medals Autographs Postage Stamps C To Be Sold at Public Auction by Wm Seemuller and Co No 11 S Charles Street on Thursday Night September 21st 1882
Report of Committee on Method of Stating Water-Analyses January 1887
American and English Railroad Cases Vol 7 A Collection of All Cases Affecting Railroads of Every Kind Decided by the Courts of Appellate Jurisdiction in the United States England and Canada
American Bee Journal 1916 Vol 56
Speech of Hon C L Vallandigham of Ohio Delivered in the House of Representatives February 20 1861
An Impartial Report of the Debates That Occur in the Two Houses of Parliament in the Course of the Fourth Session of the Seventeenth Parliament of Great Britain Called to Meet at Westminster on Tuesday the 21st of January 1794 Vol 4 With Some Accoun
The Way Farmer Cooperative Service Works
Supplementary Catalogue of Tested Novelties in Hardy Trees Shrubs Vines Flowers and Fruits 1897
Hardwood Record Vol 36 April 25 1913
An Impartial Report of the Debates That Occur in the Two Houses of Parliament in the Course of the Second Session of the Eighteenth Parliament of Great Britain Called to Meet at Westminster on Tuesday the 27th of September 1796 Vol 1 With Some Acco
The Gospel Messenger 1903 Vol 42
List of Originators of Fruits and Vegetables in the United States With Addresses and Names of Specialties
The Technology Review 1919 Vol 21
John Jack the Slave and Daniel Bliss the Tory The Story of Two Men of Concord Massachusetts Who Lived Before the Revolution A Paper Prepared and Presented Before the Concord Antiquarian Society
Archives Generales de Medecine 1876 Vol 27
The United States of America Vol 2 From the Civil War
Consular Reports Vol 48 Commerce Manufactures Etc Nos 176 177 178 and 179 May June July and August 1895
The History and Antiquities of the Colleges and Halls in the University of Oxford
Techniques Used in Dealing with Certain Problems of College Teaching
Tendencies in Work for the Blind in America in the Twentieth Century A Paper Read at the Fourth International Conference on the Blind Held in London England June 18th-24th 1914
McGill Outlook Vol 3 March 7 1901
Californias Attitude Towards the Oriental
The Higher Education of the People An Address Delivered Before the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Wednesday Evening January 28 1891
North American Geologic Formation Names Bibliography Synonymy and Distribution
The Equilibrium in Industry Address as President of the American Statistical Association Annual Meeting Atlantic City New Jersey December 29 1920
Farm Demonstration Monthly Vol 22 September 1916
Lawrence College Bulletin Vol 16 September 15 1916
Zeitschrift Fur Deutsches Alterthum Und Deutsche Litteratur 1881 Vol 25
Les Paroles de Jesus Recemment Decouvertes En Egypte Et Remarques Sur Le Texte Du Fragment de LEvangile de Pierre
Catalogue of the Collection of Coins and Medals Paper Money Fractional Currency Rare Issues of Confederate Notes Etc an Unusual Number of Rarities Including Two Unpublished Pieces the Property of Mr E L Nagel of Terre Haute Ind To Be Sold at
Miss Cupid of Chicago A Comic Operette in One Act
Experiments in Forcing Gladioli
Sale Number 366 United States and Foreign Gold Coins the Property of Several Collectors
The Breeding of Fur Animals
Gegenbaurs Morphologisches Jahrbuch 1906 Vol 35 Eine Zeitschrift Fur Anatomie Und Entwicklungsgeschichte
Patriotic Military Service From the Transactions of the Canadian Military Institute An Address Delivered 12th April by Lieut-Col William Hamilton Merritt R O President Canadian Military Institute
Methods of Testing School Children for Defects of Vision and Hearing
National Culture and Recreation Antidotes to Vice An Address Delivered in the Liverpool Institute 8th December 1875
McGill Outlook Vol 3 February 14 1901
Report of Committee on Extension Work 1906-7
Nutrition Activities of Agencies Represented on the Interagency Committee on Nutrition Education and School Lunch
Forms of Code Pleading for Nebraska Kansas and Oklahoma Vol 2 of 2 Fully Annotated Forms 549 to 1074 Pages 809 to 1472
The Disposal by Burial of Fruit Infested with Larvae of the Mexican Fruit Fly
Catalogue of a Fine Collection of Rare Coins Medals United States Patterns Fractional Currency Etc Including Fine Sets of U S Cents and Half Cents Rare U S Silver and Many Other Choice and Desirable Pieces All in Extra Fine Condition Formerly
Voters List 1884 Township of McGillivray
Design of a Steel Grand Stand Thesis
The Gliddon Mummy-Case in the Museum of the Smithsonian Institution
Souvenir Trip on the River St John New Brunswick Canada June 14 1912
Properties of Lead-Bismuth Lead-Tin Type Metal and Fusible Alloys
Descriptive List of Hardy Native Grape Vines 1865-1866
Gateway National Recreation Area
Some Interesting Problems in New Brunswick Geology
Oil Paintings and Water Colors by XVII Century Dutch and Other Old Masters with Some Examples of the Modern European and American Schools The Collection of Mr Holger Ferlov of Copenhagen Denmark with Other Collections To Be Sold Tuesday Evening Apr
An Infectious Brain Disease of Horses and Mules (Encephalomyelitis)
Dictionnaire Universel de la Pensee Alphabetique Logique Et Encyclopedique 1899 Classification Naturelle Et Philosophique Des Mots Des Idees Et Des Choses Ouvrage Specialement Destine Aux Professeurs Et Aux Ecrivains Logique Et Encyclopedie
Wholesale Price List of High Grade Tested Seeds 1895
Rules of the Guidance of the Turnkeys and Matron of the Gaol of the United Counties York and Peel
A Selection from the Collection of Drawings by the Old Masters
American Medicinal Flowers Fruits and Seeds
On the Resources Productions and Social Conditions of Egypt Read Before the American Philosophical Society October 2 1874
A Short Account of the Plant and Operations of the British Columbia Electric Railway Company Limited the Vancouver Power Company Limited and the Vancouver Island Power Company Limited
Loess Formations of the Mississippi Valley
Rokelys Small Fruit Plants 1920 Catalogue
Price List of the Orange County Nurseries Fall of 1901-Spring of 1902
The Histopathology of Goitre Based Upon the Microscopical Study of Over Fifty Cases of Thyroidectomy with Histories of the Most Important
Roses Perennials Vines Catalogue 1928 and 1929
Wholesale Price List Fall 1928 Peonies Only New and Standard Varieties Offered
Reform or Revolution Address Delivered Under the Auspices of the Peoples Union at Wells Memorial Hall Boston January 26 1896
Departments of Engineering
Wholesale Price List for Nurserymen Only September 1928
Fitchett Dahlias 1928
Sissons Peonies and Gladioli 1925-1926 List Retail Only
List 2811 Season 1928-1929
Report of the Ninth Southern Pasture and Forage Crops Improvement Conference April 25 1952
Minutes of the Twentieth Annual Session of the East Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Association Held with the Olive Grove Missionary Baptist Church Granville County North Carolina July 21-22-23 1915
Theme Dr Maginn with a Few Variations
The Impostor Painted in His Own Colours Or the Base Birth and Parentage of the Chevalier de St George Alias the Pretender Now Truly Brought to Light
Thirty Years of Testing Winter Wheats Triticum Aestivum L Em Thell in the Western Wheat Region Interstation Correlations of Grain Yield with Varietal Comparisons
Effect of Different Methods of Transplanting Coffee
Grain Structure and Grain Storage
Dividends Surrender Values Et Caetera
Tradelist for the Season 1927-1928 Herbaceous Perennials Peonies Roses Forcing Stock Gladioli and Dahlias
Catalogue of Rare United States Copper Silver and Gold Coins Tokens Medals Etc To Be Sold at Public Auction at the Parker House Boston Mass Tuesday November 19th 1940 1 00 P M Sharp
Neu Lateinische Osterfeiern
Semi-Annual Wholesale Trade List of the Home Nursery Co and Fruit Growers Exchange Spring of 1892
The Leaf-Spot Disease of Tomato
Examination Undergone by Robert Craik A Candidate for the Degree of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery Before the Medical Faculty of McGill College Session 1853-54

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