The Land Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone of West and Central Africa
Advanced Field-Solver Techniques for RC Extraction of Integrated Circuits
Wide Area Surveillance Real-time Motion Detection Systems
Cyberspace and International Relations Theory Prospects and Challenges
Co-occurring Addictive and Psychiatric Disorders A Practice-Based Handbook from a European Perspective
Crop Responses to Global Warming
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery for Big Data Methodologies Challenge and Opportunities
Narrative Research in Practice Stories from the Field
Notch Signaling Methods and Protocols
Geotechnical Predictions and Practice in Dealing with Geohazards
I Domain Integrins
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking Self-Trapping and Josephson Oscillations
Successful Case-based Reasoning Applications-2
The Physics of Accretion onto Black Holes
Cultures of Memory in South Asia Orality Literacy and the Problem of Inheritance
Textbook of Female Urology and Urogynecology Volume 1
Smart Hydrogel Functional Materials
Perspectives in Regenerative Medicine
Deep Marine Mineral Resources
Multiferroic Materials Properties Techniques and Applications
Stable Isotope Labeling by Amino Acids in Cell Culture (SILAC) Methods and Protocols
Hybrid Classifiers Methods of Data Knowledge and Classifier Combination
Hydraulically Actuated Hexapod Robots Design Implementation and Control
Geochemistry at the Earths Surface Movement of Chemical Elements
Companion Modelling A Participatory Approach to Support Sustainable Development
Breeding and Biotechnology of Tea and its Wild Species
Topology of Digital Images Visual Pattern Discovery in Proximity Spaces
Recent Trends in Nanotechnology and Materials Science Selected Review Papers from the 2013 International Conference on Manufacturing Optimization Industrial and Material Engineering (MOIME 2013)
Electricity Economics Production Functions with Electricity
Practical Aspects of Computational Chemistry III
Host-Bacteria Interactions Methods and Protocols
Reproductive Ecology of Flowering Plants A Manual
Phoneme-Based Speech Segmentation using Hybrid Soft Computing Framework
Disaster Education and Management A Joyride for Students Teachers and Disaster Managers
Failure Analysis Fundamentals and Applications in Mechanical Components
Creativity and Giftedness Interdisciplinary perspectives from mathematics and beyond
Bioelectronic Nose Integration of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology
The Science of Vehicle Dynamics Handling Braking and Ride of Road and Race Cars
Propagation of SLF ELF Electromagnetic Waves
Agriculture and Public Goods The Role of Collective Action
Biodiversity in the Marine Environment
Theory Methodology Tools and Applications for Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems 16th Asia Simulation Conference and SCS Autumn Simulation Multi-Conference AsiaSim SCS AutumnSim 2016 Beijing China October 8-11 2016 Proceedings Part I
Confronting Emerging Zoonoses The One Health Paradigm
Geometry from Dynamics Classical and Quantum
Bioenergy from Wood Sustainable Production in the Tropics
Engineering Geology for Underground Works
Unsteady Computational Fluid Dynamics in Aeronautics
Collaboration for Sustainability and Innovation A Role For Sustainability Driven by the Global South A Cross-Border Multi-Stakeholder Perspective
Directed Evolution Library Creation Methods and Protocols
Gene Network Inference Verification of Methods for Systems Genetics Data
Implementing Adaptation Strategies by Legal Economic and Planning Instruments on Climate Change
Yearbook on Space Policy 2011 2012 Space in Times of Financial Crisis
The Biophysics of Photosynthesis
MFG-E8 and Inflammation
Stellar Disk Evolution and Gaseous Disk Turbulence of Dwarf Irregular Galaxies
Environmental Deterioration and Human Health Natural and anthropogenic determinants
Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells Materials Performance Durability and Applications
Managing International Connectivity Diversity of Learning and Changing Labour Markets East Asian Perspectives
The Agglomeration of the Animation Industry in East Asia
RNA Mapping Methods and Protocols
Real-Time Stability in Power Systems Techniques for Early Detection of the Risk of Blackout
TransOral Robotic Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnea A Practical Guide to Surgical Approach and Patient Management
Advanced Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems
Khazan Ecosystems of Goa Building on Indigenous Solutions to Cope with Global Environmental Change
Conceptual Change in Biology Scientific and Philosophical Perspectives on Evolution and Development
Solder Joint Reliability Assessment Finite Element Simulation Methodology
Planning and Decision Making for Aerial Robots
Bio-Inspired Silicon-Based Materials
LACAME 2012 Proceedings of the 13th Latin American Conference on the Applications of the Moessbauer Effect (LACAME 2012) held in Medellin Colombia November 11 - 16 2012
Tsunami The Underrated Hazard
50 Years of Phytochemistry Research Volume 43
An Expedition to Continuum Theory
Cooperative Robots and Sensor Networks 2014
Education and Youth Agency Qualitative Case Studies in Global Contexts
Collaboration in a Hyperconnected World 17th IFIP WG 55 Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises PRO-VE 2016 Porto Portugal October 3-5 2016 Proceedings
Project Communication Management in Complex Environments
Mental Health in South Asia Ethics Resources Programs and Legislation
Forests of Iran A Treasure from the Past a Hope for the Future
Playful User Interfaces Interfaces that Invite Social and Physical Interaction
Social Networking Mining Visualization and Security
Low Complexity MIMO Receivers
Socio-biological Implications of Confucianism
City Imaging Regeneration Renewal and Decay
Adult and Pluripotent Stem Cells Potential for Regenerative Medicine of the Cardiovascular System
Maize Nutrition Dynamics and Novel Uses
E-Governance for Smart Cities
Basic and Clinical Environmental Approaches in Landscape Planning
Biological Materials of Marine Origin Vertebrates
Theoretical Concepts of X-Ray Nanoscale Analysis Theory and Applications
Dependability of Self-Optimizing Mechatronic Systems
Migration Mobilities and the Arab Spring Spaces of Refugee Flight in the Eastern Mediterranean
Design of Special Planar Linkages
Percutaneous Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases in Women
Piezo-Active Composites Orientation Effects and Anisotropy Factors
The Meaning of Liberty Beyond Earth
Ordinary Differential Equations and Mechanical Systems
A Tissue Regeneration Approach to Bone and Cartilage Repair
Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop REALWSN 2013 Como (Italy) September 19-20 2013
Lectins Methods and Protocols
Cybersecurity Systems for Human Cognition Augmentation
Performance Measurement with Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis
Advances in Enzyme Biotechnology
Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (Beps) Are You Ready 2016-2017 Edition
An Integrated Solution Based Irregular Driving Detection
Fundamental Physics in Particle Traps
Introduction to Optimization Analysis in Hydrosystem Engineering
Cryopreservation and Freeze-Drying Protocols
Service-Oriented Computing 14th International Conference ICSOC 2016 Banff AB Canada October 10-13 2016 Proceedings
Physical Computation and Cognitive Science
Computer Vision - ECCV 2016 14th European Conference Amsterdam The Netherlands October 11-14 2016 Proceedings Part VII
Computer Vision - ECCV 2016 14th European Conference Amsterdam The Netherlands October 11-14 2016 Proceedings Part VIII
The Quartz Crystal Microbalance in Soft Matter Research Fundamentals and Modeling
Insulation Measurement and Supervision in Live AC and DC Unearthed Systems
Advances in Advertising Research (Vol VII) Bridging the Gap between Advertising Academia and Practice
Computer Vision - ECCV 2016 14th European Conference Amsterdam The Netherlands October 11-14 2016 Proceedings Part II
Cervical Cancer Methods and Protocols
Computer Vision - ECCV 2016 14th European Conference Amsterdam The Netherlands October 11-14 2016 Proceedings Part I
Open Source Geospatial Tools Applications in Earth Observation
Ethics and the Family
Fuzzy Social Choice Theory
Trees Propagation and Conservation Biotechnological Approaches for Propagation of a Multipurpose Tree Balanites aegyptiaca Del
Advances in Metal Forming Expert System for Metal Forming
Progress in Location-Based Services 2014
Sustainable Asset Accumulation and Dynamic Portfolio Decisions
After Adoption Postadoption Assistance Parenting Impacts Information Access
Maintenance Time and the Industry Development of Patents Empirical Research with Evidence from China
Nonlinear Tunable and Active Metamaterials
Education in Bhutan Culture Schooling and Gross National Happiness
Active Control of Magneto-hydrodynamic Instabilities in Hot Plasmas
Bundle Wisner Operations Management + Wisner Operations Management Interactive eBook
Analysis of Resource Management in Complex Work Systems Using the Example of Sterile Goods Management in Hospitals
NSAIDs and Aspirin Recent Advances and Implications for Clinical Management
Sol-Gel Nanocomposites
Laboratory Diagnostic Pathways Clinical Manual of Screening Methods and Stepwise Diagnosis
Rising Stars Spelling Year 2
Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management 15th IFIP TC8 International Conference CISIM 2016 Vilnius Lithuania September 14-16 2016 Proceedings
Computer Vision - ECCV 2016 14th European Conference Amsterdam The Netherlands October 11-14 2016 Proceedings Part IV
Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition 12th International Conference MLDM 2016 New York NY USA July 16-21 2016 Proceedings
Liberalizations in Network Industries Economics Policy and Politics
Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases European Conference ECML PKDD 2016 Riva del Garda Italy September 19-23 2016 Proceedings Part I
Computer Vision - ECCV 2016 14th European Conference Amsterdam The Netherlands October 11-14 2016 Proceedings Part V
Information and Software Technologies 22nd International Conference ICIST 2016 Druskininkai Lithuania October 13-15 2016 Proceedings
Carbon Quantum Dots Synthesis Properties and Applications
Computer Vision - ECCV 2016 14th European Conference Amsterdam The Netherlands October 11-14 2016 Proceedings Part VI
Cracking a PhD Revelation of 5 Stages in Doctoral Journey
Being Self-Study Researchers in a Digital World Future Oriented Research and Pedagogy in Teacher Education
Rising Stars Spelling Year 3
Dao Companion to Japanese Confucian Philosophy
Who is Who in Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
Globalized Water A Question of Governance
From Sky and Earth to Metaphysics
Computational Intelligence in Digital Forensics Forensic Investigation and Applications
Rising Stars Spelling Year 6
Advances in Water Resources Engineering
Transducers and Arrays for Underwater Sound
Quantum-Enhanced Nonlinear Spectroscopy
Advanced Symbolic Analysis for VLSI Systems Methods and Applications
Information Granularity Big Data and Computational Intelligence
Branching Processes and Their Applications
Cement Replacement Materials Properties Durability Sustainability
Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations 12th IFIP WG 125 International Conference and Workshops AIAI 2016 Thessaloniki Greece September 16-18 2016 Proceedings
Renewable Energy Integration Challenges and Solutions
Combined Stresses in Plants Physiological Molecular and Biochemical Aspects
Municipal Solid Waste Management in Asia and the Pacific Islands Challenges and Strategic Solutions
Clinical Handbook of Insomnia
Mastering Data-Intensive Collaboration and Decision Making Research and practical applications in the Dicode project
Bio-Inspired Nanotechnology From Surface Analysis to Applications
Applications of Membrane Computing in Systems and Synthetic Biology
Development of New Radical Cascades and Multi-Component Reactions Application to the Synthesis of Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles
Temperature and Frequency Dependence of Complex Permittivity in Metal Oxide Dielectrics Theory Modelling and Measurement
Ferroelectricity at the Nanoscale Basics and Applications
Progress of Nuclear Safety for Symbiosis and Sustainability Advanced Digital Instrumentation Control and Information Systems for Nuclear Power Plants
The Principle of Contradiction
Discontinuity and Complexity in Nonlinear Physical Systems
Strategic Tactical Considerations on the Fireground
Advances in Technologies for Producing Food-relevant Polyphenols
Screening European Heritage Creating and Consuming History on Film
The New St Gallen Management Model Basic Categories of an Approach to Integrated Management
Managing Creativity in Organizations Critique and Practices
Off to the Pictures Cinemagoing Womens Writing and Movie Culture in Interwar Britain
The History of Physics in Cuba
Marine Microorganisms Extraction and Analysis of Bioactive Compounds
Disaster and Development Examining Global Issues and Cases
Requesting Responsibility The Morality of Grammar in Polish and English Family Interaction
Menahem Max Schiffer Selected Papers Volume 2
Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Structures Using Fiber Optic Methods
Dynamics of Learning in Neanderthals and Modern Humans Volume 2 Cognitive and Physical Perspectives
World energy investment 2016
Adapting to Climate Change Lessons from Natural Hazards Planning
Truncated Predictor Feedback for Time-Delay Systems
Structured Creativity Formulating an Innovation Strategy
Fuzzy-Like Multiple Objective Multistage Decision Making
Induction and Direct Resistance Heating Theory and Numerical Modeling
Robust Power System Frequency Control
Magnetocaloric Energy Conversion From Theory to Applications
Online Location of Faults on AC Cables in Underground Transmission Systems
Robert Grosseteste and the pursuit of Religious and Scientific Learning in the Middle Ages
The Atmosphere and Ionosphere Elementary Processes Monitoring and Ball Lightning
Fractional Linear Systems and Electrical Circuits
Plant Biotechnology Experience and Future Prospects
Design for Micro-Combined Cooling Heating and Power Systems Stirling Engines and Renewable Power Systems
Structural Proteomics High-Throughput Methods
Electrochemistry of Immobilized Particles and Droplets Experiments with Three-Phase Electrodes
Healthcare Management A Prescription for Improvement
Financial Crises Sovereign Risk and the Role of Institutions
Mountain Risks From Prediction to Management and Governance
Metacognition Fundaments Applications and Trends A Profile of the Current State-Of-The-Art
Mini-Grids for Rural Electrification of Developing Countries Analysis and Case Studies from South Asia
Genotoxicity and DNA Repair A Practical Approach
Aristotles Theory of Abstraction
Bond Graph Model-based Fault Diagnosis of Hybrid Systems
Seismic Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Structures
Research Boundaries and Policy in Networked Learning
Nonlinear Vibration with Control For Flexible and Adaptive Structures
Epigenetics in Plants of Agronomic Importance Fundamentals and Applications Transcriptional Regulation and Chromatin Remodelling in Plants
Cooperative Robots and Sensor Networks
Introduction to Wind Turbine Aerodynamics
Growing Adaptive Machines Combining Development and Learning in Artificial Neural Networks
E-Learning Paradigms and Applications Agent-based Approach
The Research Report on Application of Low-carbon Technology in Expo 2010 Shanghai
Strongly Correlated Systems Experimental Techniques
Tokamak Engineering Mechanics
Simultaneous Statistical Inference With Applications in the Life Sciences
Cavity Optomechanics Nano- and Micromechanical Resonators Interacting with Light
Verb Sense Discovery in Mandarin Chinese-A Corpus based Knowledge-Intensive Approach
Mental Health Informatics
Temperature and Humidity Independent Control (THIC) of Air-conditioning System
Globalized Poverty and Environment 21st Century Challenges and Innovative Solutions
Evolution of Dam Policies Evidence from the Big Hydropower States
Bio-inspired Asymmetric Design and Building of Biomimetic Smart Single Nanochannels
Engineering and Management of IT-based Service Systems An Intelligent Decision-Making Support Systems Approach
Technologies of Inclusive Well-Being Serious Games Alternative Realities and Play Therapy
Typhoon Impact and Crisis Management
Oxidative Stress Mechanisms and their Modulation
Optical Network Design and Planning
Machine Learning in Healthcare Informatics
Data Mining for Service
Security Privacy and Trust in Cloud Systems
Nonlinear Estimation and Control of Automotive Drivetrains
Econometrics of Risk
Land Use Impacts on Climate
The Multiple Therapeutic Targets of A20
Peak Oil Economic Growth and Wildlife Conservation
Advanced Free Space Optics (FSO) A Systems Approach
Intelligent Tools for Building a Scientific Information Platform From Research to Implementation
Insects Fire and Conservation
Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation Systems Industrial Application Issues
Support Vector Machines Applications
Prehistoric River Saraswati Western India Geological Appraisal and Social Aspects
Lab-on-a-Chip Devices and Micro-Total Analysis Systems A Practical Guide
Nanoscale Sensors
Nanomicrobiology Physiological and Environmental Characteristics
Mycotoxins in Foodstuffs
Analyses of Turbulence in the Neutrally and Stably Stratified Planetary Boundary Layer
Investigating the A-Type Stars Using Kepler Data
G Protein Signaling Mechanisms in the Retina
Liability for Crimes Involving Artificial Intelligence Systems
Molecular Mechanisms Underpinning the Development of Obesity
Advanced Electromagnetics and Scattering Theory
Application of Threshold Concepts in Natural Resource Decision Making
Innovative Start-Ups and the Distribution of Human Capital The Role of Regional Knowledge
Rheology of Fluid Semisolid and Solid Foods Principles and Applications
Rising Stars Spelling Year 4
Gender and the Work-Family Experience An Intersection of Two Domains
Electrical Energy Generation in Europe The Current and Future Role of Conventional Energy Sources in the Regional Generation of Electricity
Magnetic Stochasticity in Magnetically Confined Fusion Plasmas Chaos of Field Lines and Charged Particle Dynamics
Rising Stars Spelling Year 5
Quantitative Recombination and Transport Properties in Silicon from Dynamic Luminescence
After-sales Service of Engineering Industrial Assets A Reference Framework for Warranty Management
Rising Stars Spelling Year 1
Mathematics Without Boundaries Surveys in Interdisciplinary Research
Advances in Integrated and Sustainable Supply Chain Planning Concepts Methods Tools and Solution Approaches toward a Platform for Industrial Practice
Microbial Degradation of Synthetic Dyes in Wastewaters
Astronomy and Calendars - The Other Chinese Mathematics 104 BC - AD 1644 2016
GALILEO Positioning Technology
E-Expertise Modern Collective Intelligence
Applied Computing and Information Technology
Biotechnologies and Biomimetics for Civil Engineering
Towards Sustainable Livelihoods and Ecosystems in Mountain Regions
Big Data and Internet of Things A Roadmap for Smart Environments
Critical Phenomena in Loop Models
Newton-Type Methods for Optimization and Variational Problems
Climate Change in North America
Use of Microbes for the Alleviation of Soil Stresses Volume 2 Alleviation of Soil Stress by PGPR and Mycorrhizal Fungi
Jacob Sigismund Becks Standpunctslehre and the Kantian Thing-in-itself Debate The Relation Between a Representation and its Object
Social Goal-Objective Formation Democracy and National Interest A Theory of Political Economy Under Fuzzy Rationality
Advances in Transport Phenomena 2011
Issues and Challenges of Intelligent Systems and Computational Intelligence
Essays on Go dels Reception of Leibniz Husserl and Brouwer
Percutaneous Absorption of UV Filters Contained in Sunscreen Cosmetic Products Development of Analytical Methods
Undecided Nation Political Gridlock and the Immigration Crisis
Dhaka Megacity Geospatial Perspectives on Urbanisation Environment and Health
Nonlinear Analysis Approximation Theory Optimization and Applications
Low-cost Nanomaterials Toward Greener and More Efficient Energy Applications
Organic and Hybrid Solar Cells
Human Reliability Error and Human Factors in Power Generation
Quantum Zero-Error Information Theory
Continuous and Distributed Systems Theory and Applications
Lean Manufacturing in the Developing World Methodology Case Studies and Trends from Latin America
Handbook on Agent-Oriented Design Processes
Disaster Management Enabling Resilience
Analysis and Topology in Nonlinear Differential Equations A Tribute to Bernhard Ruf on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday
Green Energy and Efficiency An Economic Perspective
Hox Genes Methods and Protocols
Bipolar Disorder An Evidence-Based Guide to Manic Depression
Computational Personality Analysis Introduction Practical Applications and Novel Directions
Dynamic Fracture of Piezoelectric Materials Solution of Time-Harmonic Problems via BIEM
Recent Advances in Laser Ablation ICP-MS for Archaeology
Conjunctions of Mind Soul and Body from Plato to the Enlightenment
Modelling the Short QT Syndrome Gene Mutations And Their Role in Cardiac Arrhythmogenesis
Fuzziness Democracy Control and Collective Decision-choice System A Theory on Political Economy of Rent-Seeking and Profit-Harvesting
International Medical Graduate Physicians A Guide to Training
Food Security Among Small-Scale Agricultural Producers in Southern Africa
Contaminant Geochemistry Interactions and Transport in the Subsurface Environment
Eco-immunology Evolutive Aspects and Future Perspectives
Robotic Surgery of the Head and Neck A Comprehensive Guide
Sustainability Assessment Tools in Higher Education Institutions Mapping Trends and Good Practices Around the World
Human Paleoneurology
Data Preprocessing in Data Mining
Environmentally Friendly Alkylphosphonate Herbicides
Automation The Future of Weed Control in Cropping Systems
New Developments in the Bioarchaeology of Care Further Case Studies and Expanded Theory
Philosophy of Justice
Understanding Educational Psychology A Late Vygotskian Spinozist Approach
Gearing Up and Accelerating Cross-fertilization between Academic and Industrial Robotics Research in Europe Technology Transfer Experiments from the ECHORD Project
Numerical Methods and Optimization A Consumer Guide
Quantum Information and Coherence
Biopolymers A molecular paleontology approach
Bio-inspired Computation in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Global Drinking Water Management and Conservation Optimal Decision-Making
Trust and School Life The Role of Trust for Learning Teaching Leading and Bridging
Borellis On the Movement of Animals - On the Natural Motions Resulting from Gravity
Yeast Genetics Methods and Protocols
Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics An assessment of the Gothenburg 2010 Workshop
Brain Energy Metabolism
Goal and Scope Definition in Life Cycle Assessment
Nail Disorders A Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Management
Surface Microscopy with Low Energy Electrons
Healthy at Work Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Phytochemicals - Biosynthesis Function and Application Volume 44
Manufacturing Scheduling Systems An Integrated View on Models Methods and Tools
Chromosomal Mutagenesis
Integration of Functional Oxides with Semiconductors
Enhancing the Internet with the CONVERGENCE System An Information-centric Network Coupled with a Standard Middleware
Die Trauma-Trinitat Ignoranz - Fragilitat - Kontrolle Die Entwicklung Des Traumabegriffs Traumabedingte Dissoziation Konzept Und Fakten
A Critical Impulse to e-Governance in the Asia Pacific
Atom-Probe Tomography The Local Electrode Atom Probe
Radical Planes 9 11 and Patterns of Continuity
Nanotechnology for Water Treatment and Purification
Advanced Protocols in Oxidative Stress III
Glaciers of the Karakoram Himalaya Glacial Environments Processes Hazards and Resources
Mouse Genetics Methods and Protocols
Treatment of the Obese Patient
Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Protocols
Modern Electroencephalographic Assessment Techniques Theory and Applications
Cloud-Based Design and Manufacturing (CBDM) A Service-Oriented Product Development Paradigm for the 21st Century
Tumor Metabolome Targeting and Drug Development
Uncertainty Theory
Socio-Economic Impacts of Bioenergy Production
Clinicians Guide to Severe Hoarding A Harm Reduction Approach
Dynamics of Complex Quantum Systems
The Hologenome Concept Human Animal and Plant Microbiota
Servitization in Industry
The Social Developmental Construction of Violence and Intergroup Conflict
Experimental Perspectives on Presuppositions
The Problem of the Motion of Bodies A Historical View of the Development of Classical Mechanics
General Relativity Cosmology and Astrophysics Perspectives 100 years after Einsteins stay in Prague
Toward Quantum FinFET
Water Resources Research in Northwest China
African Traditional Medicine Autonomy and Informed Consent
Pollution Control in Oil Gas and Chemical Plants
Scheduling Real-Time Streaming Applications onto an Embedded Multiprocessor
The Lithium Air Battery Fundamentals
The Human Hand as an Inspiration for Robot Hand Development
Spatial Temporal Patterns for Action-Oriented Perception in Roving Robots II An Insect Brain Computational Model
Insights from Comparative Hearing Research
Partitional Clustering Algorithms
Product Development in the Socio-sphere Game Changing Paradigms for 21st Century Breakthrough Product Development and Innovation
Simulation Studies of Recombination Kinetics and Spin Dynamics in Radiation Chemistry
Signal Transforms in Dynamic Measurements
Damage Growth in Aerospace Composites
F deraler Rechtsschutz Personenbezogene Daten in Einem Raum Der Freiheit Der Sicherheit Und Des Rechts
Fault Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control Strategies for Non-Linear Systems Analytical and Soft Computing Approaches
Slope-Channel Coupling as a Factor in the Evolution of Mountains The Western Carpathians and Sudetes
Cinemas Baroque Flesh Film Phenomenology and the Art of Entanglement
Theatrical Reality Space Embodimnet and Empathy in Performance Space Embodimnet and Empathy in Performance
Biometric and Intelligent Decision Making Support
Nanoparticles Workhorses of Nanoscience
Internet of Things Challenges and Opportunities
Agriculture Environment and Development International Perspectives on Water Land and Politics
Case Studies in e-Government 20 Changing Citizen Relationships
Corrosion in Systems for Storage and Transportation of Petroleum Products and Biofuels Identification Monitoring and Solutions
Vereinbarkeit Der Territorialen Aufspaltung Von Verwertungsrechten Mit Den Europaischen Binnenmarktregeln Die Eine Untersuchung Am Beispiel Der Filmwirtschaft
Theatre Time and Temporality Melting Clocks and Snapped Elastics Melting Clocks and Snapped Elastics
Research-based Theatre An Artistic Methodology An Artistic Methodology
Multiprocessor Scheduling for Real-Time Systems
Collaboration in the Australian and Chinese Mobile Telecommunication Markets
Rapid and Practical Interpretation of Urodynamics
In Defense of Deflation
Fuzzy Knowledge Management for the Semantic Web
Transdisciplinary Professional Learning and Practice
Leading with Emotional Intelligence Effective Change Implementation in Todays Complex Context
A History of Western Public Law Between Nation and State
Eradicating Terrorism from the Middle East Policy and Administrative Approaches
Handbook of Vocational Rehabilitation and Disability Evaluation Application and Implementation of the ICF
Rethinking Engineering Education The CDIO Approach
A Revolution in Economic Theory The Economics of Piero Sraffa
Professional Baking 7e with Professional Baking Method Card Package Set
From Requirements to Java in a Snap Model-Driven Requirements Engineering in Practice
Sensing Technology Current Status and Future Trends I
Africa-to-Africa Internationalization Key Issues and Outcomes
Cardio Imagen En La Insuficiencia Cardiaca
The Morality of Radical Economics Ghost Curve Ideology and the Value Neutral Aspect of Neoclassical Economics
Human Resource Management and Technological Challenges
Teaching Reflective Learning in Higher Education A Systematic Approach Using Pedagogic Patterns
The Lawyers Guide to the Forensic Sciences
Renewable Energy for Unleashing Sustainable Development
Digital and Discrete Geometry Theory and Algorithms
Renewable Energy Governance Complexities and Challenges
Thematic Cartography for the Society
Human Rights in European Criminal Law New Developments in European Legislation and Case Law after the Lisbon Treaty
The Illegal Business of Human Trafficking
Constraint Programming and Decision Making
Regulating Municipal Water Supply Concessions Accountability in Transitional China
Taxation for Decision Makers
Integrated Occupational Safety and Health Management Solutions and Industrial Cases
Novel Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Materials
Lignocellulose-Based Bioproducts
Smartphone-Based Human Activity Recognition
Ministering Spiritually to Families
Haar Wavelets With Applications
Molecular Computing Towards a Novel Computing Architecture for Complex Problem Solving
Hardware for Soft Computing and Soft Computing for Hardware
On Shear Behavior of Structural Elements Made of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Index Analysis Approach Theory at Work
Harmonization and Development of Resources and Tools for Italian Natural Language Processing within the PARLI Project
Practical Argument A Text and Anthology
TEXPLORE Temporal Difference Reinforcement Learning for Robots and Time-Constrained Domains
Religion and Human Rights An International Perspective
Value Chain Marketing A Marketing Strategy to Overcome Immediate Customer Innovation Resistance
Approaches to Art A Journey in Art Appreciation
Sensing Technology Current Status and Future Trends II
Rundfunkbeitragsstaatsvertrag Der Lander Der Verfassungsrechtsfragen Der Rolle Der Landerparlamente Bei Rundfunkstaatsvertraglichen Reformen Am Beispiel Des Funfzehnten Rundfunkanderungsstaatsvertrags
Green Fiscal Reform for a Sustainable Future Reform Innovation and Renewable Energy
Petrochemical Machinery Insights
Market Instruments and the Protection of Natural Resources
Contemporary West Asia Perspectives on Change and Continuity Perspectives on Change and Continuity
Five Faces of Japanese Feminism Crimson and Other Works
Corruption in Public Administration An Ethnographic Approach
Beschlussfassung Zum Grenzuberschreitenden Wegzug Im Binnenmarkt Die Anforderungen Der Niederlassungsfreiheit an Die Innergesellschaftliche Entscheidungsfindung
Elementary Algebra Curriculum Pack
From Basic Cardiac Imaging to Image Fusion Core Competencies Versus Technological Progress
Evaluation of Intelligent Road Transport Systems Methods and results
Barbie Holiday Movie Core 36-Copy Sidekick Fall 2016
Scott 2017 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue Volume 6 San-Z Countries of the World San-Z
Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods Books a la Carte
The ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement The Regionalisation of Laws and Policy on Foreign Investment
Seeing through the Eyes of Faith New Approaches to the Mystagogy of the Church Fathers
Loose-Leaf Version for College Physics Volume 1 Flipit for Physics (Twelve Month Access - Algebra Version)
Objektive Nettoprinzip ALS Rechtfertigungsmassstab Im Einkommensteuerrecht Das Eine Untersuchung Zum Verfassungsrang Eines Besteuerungsprinzips Und Zur Rechtfertigung Gesetzgeberischer Einzelentscheidungen VOR Der Grundentscheidung
Formen Arthurischen Erz hlens Vom Mittelalter Bis in Die Gegenwart
Schlesisches Pfarrerbuch Neunter Band Schlesische Oberlausitz
Information Technology in Healthcare
The Science and Technology of Flexible Packaging Multilayer Films from Resin and Process to End Use
The Privatisation of Biodiversity New Approaches to Conservation Law
Hybride Wissensregime Skizze Einer Soziologischen Feldtheorie
Self-cleaning Coatings Structure Fabrication and Application
Encyclopaedia of Islam - Three 2016-5
Um Framework para o Geodesign Alterando a Geografia atravesdo Design
Marine OMICS Principles and Applications
Grundrechtskonkurrenz Die Koharenz Im Freiheitsrechtlichen System Des Grundgesetzes
Routledge Handbook of Sport Race and Ethnicity
Routledge Handbook of the Environment in Southeast Asia
The Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger Volume 4 Round the World for Birth Control 1920-1966
The Handbook of Contemporary Cambodia
Politik Und Recht Der Endlagerung Radioaktiver Abfalle Mit Einer Rechtssoziologischen Fallstudie Uber Schacht Konrad
Globalization Consumption And Popular Culture In East Asia
Another Mouthful of Dust Egyptological Studies in Honour of Geoffrey Thorndike Martin
Planungsrecht Im Vergleich Deutschland - Japan
Discrete Approximation Theory
Chinas Financial Stability Inherent Logic And Basic Framework
Rosa Luxemburg A Permanent Challenge for Political Economy On the History and the Present of Luxemburgs Accumulation of Capital
The Routledge Companion to the Makers of Modern Entrepreneurship
The Routledge Handbook of Tourism in Asia
Haftung Bei Der Forderung Unkonventioneller Gasvorkommen Unter Einsatz Des Hydraulic Fracturing-Verfahrens Die
Routledge Handbook of Football Studies
Routledge Handbook of Global Mental Health Nursing Evidence Practice and Empowerment
The Routledge Companion to Banking Regulation and Reform
Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Behavior The 4th International Congress on Interdisciplinary Behavior and Social Science (ICIBSoS 2015) Kazan Federal University Kazan Russia 22-23 October 2015 Arya Duta hotel Jakarta Indonesia 07-08 November 2015
The Routledge Companion to Biology in Art and Architecture
The Routledge Companion to Latina o Media
Ocular Pharmacology and Toxicology
Progress in Mathematical Relativity Gravitation and Cosmology Proceedings of the Spanish Relativity Meeting ERE2012 University of Minho Guimaraes Portugal September 3-7 2012
Flavins and Flavoproteins Methods and Protocols
Groups of Exceptional Type Coxeter Groups and Related Geometries
International Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Statistics 2013 Selected Papers
Ecopsychology Phenomenology and the Environment The Experience of Nature
Handbook of Palaeodemography
Practical Controversies in Medical Management of Stone Disease
Progress and Challenges in Dynamical Systems Proceedings of the International Conference Dynamical Systems 100 Years after Poincare September 2012 Gijon Spain
Mission Excellence Creating an Internal Eo Loss Control Program
Science of Sustainable Design
Soar [4] Audiobook Set Terl Level 4
Prostate Cancer Prevention
Behavior Genetics of Psychopathology
Chloroplast Biotechnology Methods and Protocols
European Instructional Lectures Volume 13 2013 14th EFORT Congress Istanbul Turkey
Complications in Endodontic Surgery Prevention Identification and Management
Conformal Field Theories and Tensor Categories Proceedings of a Workshop Held at Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research
Minimally Invasive and Robotic Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery
Secure Cloud Computing
Plant Metabolic Flux Analysis Methods and Protocols
Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia Practice and Experience
Human Cytomegaloviruses Methods and Protocols
Advances in Production Management Systems Sustainable Production and Service Supply Chains IFIP WG 57 International Conference APMS 2013 State College PA USA September 9-12 2013 Proceedings Part I
Imaging Coronary Atherosclerosis
Romanesque Cathedrals in Mediterranean Europe Architecture Ritual and Urban Context
Transnational Evidence and Multicultural Inquiries in Europe Developments in EU Legislation and New Challenges for Human Rights-Oriented Criminal Investigations in Cross-border Cases
Viruses and the Lung Infections and Non-Infectious Viral-Linked Lung Disorders
Phenomenology of Space and Time The Forces of the Cosmos and the Ontopoietic Genesis of Life Book Two
A History of the County of Gloucester Volume XIII The Vale of Gloucester and Leadon Valley
Spliceosomal Pre-mRNA Splicing Methods and Protocols
Developmental Biology of the Sea Urchin and Other Marine Invertebrates Methods and Protocols
The Mimetic Finite Difference Method for Elliptic Problems
Molecular Plant Taxonomy Methods and Protocols
Cytopathology in Oncology
Psychosomatic Medicine An International Primer for the Primary Care Setting
Ras Signaling Methods and Protocols
Computer Mathematics 9th Asian Symposium (ASCM2009) Fukuoka December 2009 10th Asian Symposium (ASCM2012) Beijing October 2012 Contributed Papers and Invited Talks
Notes of a Radiology Watcher
Polyadenylation Methods and Protocols
Flower Development Methods and Protocols
Contemporary Developments in Statistical Theory A Festschrift for Hira Lal Koul
Operator Algebra and Dynamics Nordforsk Network Closing Conference Faroe Islands May 2012
Civil Law and Litigation for Paralegals
Artificial Riboswitches Methods and Protocols
Gene Correction Methods and Protocols
RNA Sequence Structure and Function Computational and Bioinformatic Methods
Super-Resolution Microscopy Techniques in the Neurosciences
Room on the Broom 15-Copy Fd W 10-Plush
Legal Reasoning Research and Writing for International Graduate Students
Orthopaedic Surgery Essentials Spine
Approximation Theory XIV San Antonio 2013
From Particle Systems to Partial Differential Equations Particle Systems and PDEs Braga Portugal December 2012
Surgical Anatomy of the Internal Carotid Artery An Atlas for Skull Base Surgeons
Immobilization of Enzymes and Cells
Electroporation Protocols Preclinical and Clinical Gene Medicine
Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Methods and Protocols
Atlas of Endocrine Pathology
Atlas of Single-Port Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery A Practical Approach in Gynecology
Psycho-social Career Meta-capacities Dynamics of contemporary career development
The Soils of the USA
Front Line Extremity and Orthopaedic Surgery A Practical Guide
Recreational Drug Consumption An Economic Perspective
Clinical Ophthalmic Oncology Eyelid and Conjunctival Tumors
Fundamental Accounting Principles
Managerial Accounting Creating Value in a Dynamic Business Environment
Structure and Properties of High-Performance Fibers
Local Public Sector Reforms in Times of Crisis National Trajectories and International Comparisons
Katholische Dogmatik Aus Okumenischer Erfahrung Gesamtwerk Bd 1 1 Und 1 2 Die Geschichte Der Menschen Mit Gott Bd 2 Die Geschichte Gottes Mit Den Menschen
Diseases of the Vitreo-Macular Interface
Globalization The Macroeconomic Implications Of Microeconomic Heterogeneity
Neurovascular Coupling Methods
The Discourse of Sensibility The Knowing Body in the Enlightenment
Pioneers of Critical Accounting A Celebration of the Life of Tony Lowe
A New Growth Model for the Greek Economy Requirements for Long-Term Sustainability
Cerebral Angiogenesis Methods and Protocols
Functional Bladder Reconstruction Following Spinal Cord Injury via Neural Approaches
Animalia 30th Standee and 16 Copy Pack
Globalizing International Relations Scholarship Amidst Divides and Diversity
Brain-Computer Interfaces Lab Experiments to Real-World Applications Volume 228
Creating Technology-Driven Entrepreneurship Foundations Processes and Environments
G Protein-Coupled Receptor Genetics Research and Methods in the Post-Genomic Era
Temporary Skeletal Anchorage Devices A Guide to Design and Evidence-Based Solution
International Manufacturing Strategy in a Time of Great Flux
Organization and Management of IVF Units A Practical Guide for the Clinician
Virtuality and Capabilities in a World of Ambient Intelligence New Challenges to Privacy and Data Protection
Traumatic Injuries of the Knee
The Lotus japonicus Genome
Stochastic Equations Theory and Applications in Acoustics Hydrodynamics Magnetohydrodynamics and Radiophysics Volume 1 Basic Concepts Exact Results and Asymptotic Approximations
Strategic Planning and Implementation of E-Governance
Injections in Aesthetic Medicine Atlas of Full-face and Full-body Treatment
Advances in HIV-1 Assembly and Release
Seafarers Rights in China Restructuring in Legislation and Practice Under the Maritime Labour Convention 2006
Smart Materials and Nondestructive Evaluation for Energy Systems 2016
Pathology of Transplantation A Practical Diagnostic Approach
Bias Temperature Instability for Devices and Circuits
Stochastic Analysis and Applications 2014 In Honour of Terry Lyons
System Identification and Adaptive Control Theory and Applications of the Neurofuzzy and Fuzzy Cognitive Network Models
Parallel Problem Solving from Nature - PPSN XIV 14th International Conference Edinburgh UK September 17-21 2016 Proceedings
English Language Teaching Today Linking Theory and Practice
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Selected Papers from the International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technologies CSIT 2016 September 6-10 Lviv Ukraine
What Is Health Insurance (Good) For An Examination of Who Gets It Who Pays for It and How to Improve It
Acquisition of Romance Languages Old Acquisition Challenges and New Explanations from a Generative Perspective
Topology and Geometric Group Theory Ohio State University Columbus USA 2010-2011
Stochastic Equations Theory and Applications in Acoustics Hydrodynamics Magnetohydrodynamics and Radiophysics Volume 2 Coherent Phenomena in Stochastic Dynamic Systems
Designing Assessment for Quality Learning
Religion and Spirituality Across Cultures
The Political Economy of a Living Wage Progressives the New Deal and Social Justice
Urea Transporters
The Disorder of Mathematics Education Challenging the Sociopolitical Dimensions of Research
Stem Cells in Cancer Should We Believe or Not
Sustainable Lina Lina Bo Bardis Adaptive Reuse Projects
Models of God and Alternative Ultimate Realities
MicroRNA in Development and in the Progression of Cancer
Solving the Mind-Body Problem by the CODAM Neural Model of Consciousness
Teaching School Mathematics From Pre-Algebra to Algebra
Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change
Biocommunication of Animals
Fibre Optic Sensors and Applications 18-21 April 2016 Baltimore Maryland United States No 13
European Perspectives on the Common European Sales Law
Knowledge Systems of Societies for Adaptation and Mitigation of Impacts of Climate Change
Novel Measurement and Assessment Tools for Monitoring and Management of Land and Water Resources in Agricultural Landscapes of Central Asia
Fungal RNA Biology
Braun Pathology 3e with Study Guide Package
Ethical Leadership in Organizations Concepts and Implementation
Bioinformatics for Diagnosis Prognosis and Treatment of Complex Diseases
Cognitive Communication and Cooperative HetNet Coexistence Selected Advances on Spectrum Sensing Learning and Security Approaches
Understanding Student Participation and Choice in Science and Technology Education
Configuration Spaces Geometry Topology and Representation Theory
Injury Models of the Central Nervous System Methods and Protocols
Optimization in Science and Engineering In Honor of the 60th Birthday of Panos M Pardalos
Non-Invasive Sperm Selection for In Vitro Fertilization Novel Concepts and Methods
Justice Conflict and Wellbeing Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Mitochondrial Function in Lung Health and Disease
Future Directions in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Prevention Diagnosis and Treatment
Neurointervention in the Medical Specialties A Comprehensive Guide
Autoimmune Liver Diseases Perspectives from Japan
Rodent Models of Stroke
Toxicants in Food Packaging and Household Plastics Exposure and Health Risks to Consumers
Treatment of Peritoneal Surface Malignancies State of the Art and Perspectives
FDA Bioequivalence Standards
Liberating Energy from Carbon Introduction to Decarbonization
Pelvic Floor Disorders Surgical Approach
Research and Practice on the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) Linking Creativity Engineering and Innovation
Management of Hematological Cancer in Older People
Innovations in HIV Prevention Research and Practice through Community Engagement
Chorea Causes and Management
Cancers in People with HIV and AIDS Progress and Challenges
A Practitioners Guide to State and Local Population Projections
Annual Evaluation Report of Chinas Cultural Consumption Demand
Advanced Experimental and Numerical Techniques for Cavitation Erosion Prediction
Future Challenges in Crop Protection Against Fungal Pathogens
Synthesis and Optimization of FPGA-Based Systems
Posttranslational Protein Modifications in the Reproductive System
The Dematerialized Insurance Distance Selling and Cyber Risks from an International Perspective
Design and Quality for Biomedical Technologies IX
Theory and Applications of Spherical Microphone Array Processing
Design-Process-Technology Co-optimization for Manufacturability X
Signal and Image Processing for Biometrics
The Legal Regime Applicable to Private Military and Security Company Personnel in Armed Conflicts
Turbulence and Interactions Proceedings of the TI 2012 conference
Computational Problems in Engineering
Rohrleitungen 1 Grundlagen Rohrwerkstoffe Komponenten
Pediatric Cochlear Implantation Learning and the Brain
Crime Prevention in the 21st Century Insightful Approaches for Crime Prevention Initiatives
Multilayer Control of Networked Cyber-Physical Systems Application to Monitoring Autonomous and Robot Systems
Computational Flight Testing Results of the Closing Symposium of the German Research Initiative ComFliTe Braunschweig Germany June 11th-12th 2012
20 Years of Computational Neuroscience
Entrepreneurship and Management in an Islamic Context
Energy and Finance Sustainability in the Energy Industry
Dining and Death Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Funerary Banquet in Ancient Art Burial and Belief
Prosthetic Surgery in Urology
Cyber-security of SCADA and Other Industrial Control Systems
La Garrotxa Volcanic Field of Northeast Spain Case Study of Sustainable Volcanic Landscape Management
Atlas of Operative Procedures in Surgical Oncology
Fluid Flow in the Subsurface History Generalization and Applications of Physical Laws
Anticancer Genes
Soft Computing for Business Intelligence
The Political Economy of Social Choices
Management of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors
Genetics of the Mouse
Algebraic Circuits
Genomics of Plant-Associated Fungi and Oomycetes Dicot Pathogens
Technopolis Best Practices for Science and Technology Cities
Shifting Paradigms in Public Health From Holism to Individualism
Cardiac Energy Metabolism in Health and Disease
Vehicular Cyber Physical Systems Adaptive Connectivity and Security
Linear Parameter-Varying and Time-Delay Systems Analysis Observation Filtering Control
Hydrophilic Matrix Tablets for Oral Controlled Release
Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carriers as Red Cell Substitutes and Oxygen Therapeutics
Genitourinary Imaging A Case Based Approach
Fracture Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics of Reinforced Elastomeric Blends
Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma
Translational Research in Environmental and Occupational Stress
Toxic Effects of Mercury
Metabonomics and Gut Microbiota in Nutrition and Disease
Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Related Analysis with Applications Edinburgh September 2011
Rigidly Framed Earth Retaining Structures Thermal soil structure interaction of buildings supporting unbalanced lateral earth pressures
Surface Tension in Microsystems Engineering Below the Capillary Length
Parasites and their vectors A special focus on Southeast Asia
Intelligent Monitoring Control and Security of Critical Infrastructure Systems
Use of Biocidal Surfaces for Reduction of Healthcare Acquired Infections
Diversity Dynamics and Functional Role of Actinomycetes on European Smear Ripened Cheeses
Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Movement Disorders
Organizational Trust Measurement Impact and the Role of Management Accountants
Environmental Cost and Face of Agriculture in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries Fostering Agriculture in the Context of Climate Change
Ureteral Stone Management A Practical Approach
Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery Volume 42
Bacterial Diversity in Sustainable Agriculture
Biofilm-based Healthcare-associated Infections Volume II
A Brief History of Mechanical Engineering
Infranomics Sustainability Engineering Design and Governance
The Neurological Emergence of Epilepsy The National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic (1870-1895)
Science Technology and Innovation Policies for Development The Latin American Experience
Mereology and the Sciences Parts and Wholes in the Contemporary Scientific Context
Rethinking Climate and Energy Policies New Perspectives on the Rebound Phenomenon
Esophageal Diseases Evaluation and Treatment
Palms and People in the Amazon
Current Understanding and Treatment of Gliomas
A Statistical and Multi-wavelength Study of Star Formation in Galaxies
Planar Metamaterial Based Microwave Sensor Arrays for Biomedical Analysis and Treatment
Signal and Image Analysis for Biomedical and Life Sciences
Growing Stock Volume Estimation in Temperate Forested Areas Using a Fusion Approach with SAR Satellites Imagery
Daniel McAlpine and The Bitter Pit
The Role of Renewable Energy Technology in Holistic Community Development
Patient-Centred Medicine in Transition The Heart of the Matter
Circular Cylinders and Pressure Vessels Stress Analysis and Design
Computational Intelligence International Joint Conference IJCCI 2012 Barcelona Spain October 5-7 2012 Revised Selected Papers
Umbilical Cord Blood Banking and Transplantation
Nonlinear Elastic Waves in Materials
Multiple Sclerosis Mad Cow Disease and Acinetobacter
Genomic Instability and Cancer Metastasis Mechanisms Emerging Themes and Novel Therapeutic Strategies
The Force of Law Reaffirmed Frederick Schauer Meets the Critics
Dynamic Sharing of Wireless Spectrum
Dream Consciousness Allan Hobsons New Approach to the Brain and Its Mind
Imaging of Alimentary Tract Perforation
Wavelet Applications in Economics and Finance
Recent Advances in Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization
Forest conservation in protected areas of Bangladesh Policy and community development perspectives
Intelligent Distributed Computing VIII
Fuzzy Control Systems with Time-Delay and Stochastic Perturbation Analysis and Synthesis
Numerical Simulations of Coupled Problems in Engineering
Inflammation in Parkinsons Disease Scientific and Clinical Aspects
Strength of Materials and Theory of Elasticity in 19th Century Italy A Brief Account of the History of Mechanics of Solids and Structures
Social Networks A Framework of Computational Intelligence
Advanced Approaches to Intelligent Information and Database Systems
New Frontiers of Multidisciplinary Research in STEAM-H (Science Technology Engineering Agriculture Mathematics and Health)
Dynamics of Cyclic Machines
Brain-Computer Interfaces Current Trends and Applications
Infectious Diseases and Nanomedicine I First International Conference (ICIDN - 2012) Dec 15-18 2012 Kathmandu Nepal
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Processing
Translation in Mitochondria and Other Organelles
Artemisia annua - Pharmacology and Biotechnology
Complications During and After Cataract Surgery A Guide to Surgical Management
Trees in a Changing Environment Ecophysiology Adaptation and Future Survival
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the Middle-East
The Worlds Challenge Feeding 9 Billion people
Recent Advances in Redox Active Plant and Microbial Products From Basic Chemistry to Widespread Applications in Medicine and Agriculture
Subgame Consistent Cooperation A Comprehensive Treatise
Sources and Detection of Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe Proceedings of the 10th UCLA Symposium on Sources and Detection of Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe February 22-24 2012 Marina del Rey California
Infectious Diseases and Nanomedicine II First International Conference (ICIDN - 2012) Dec 15-18 2012 Kathmandu Nepal
Introducing Philosophy Questions of Knowledge and Reality
Neuroendocrine Tumors Review of Pathology Molecular and Therapeutic Advances
Organic Farming Prototype for Sustainable Agricultures
Asian Immigrants in North America with HIV AIDS Stigma Vulnerabilities and Human Rights
General Principles of Thai Private Law
Computational Intelligence for Decision Support in Cyber-Physical Systems
Explanation in the Special Sciences The Case of Biology and History
Shell and Membrane Theories in Mechanics and Biology From Macro- to Nanoscale Structures
Engineering and Science of Biomass Feedstock Production and Provision
Suicide Phenomenology and Neurobiology
Ancient Engineers Inventions Precursors of the Present
HSBA Handbook on Ship Finance
Similarity and Symmetry Methods Applications in Elasticity and Mechanics of Materials
Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Lumbar Spine
Receptor Tyrosine Kinases Structure Functions and Role in Human Disease
Initial Airworthiness Determining the Acceptability of New Airborne Systems
Human-Centric Decision-Making Models for Social Sciences
Prostate Ultrasound Current Practice and Future Directions
Mechanics of Masonry Structures
Computational Approaches to Analogical Reasoning Current Trends
Analysis Control and Optimal Operations in Hybrid Power Systems Advanced Techniques and Applications for Linear and Nonlinear Systems
Minimally Invasive Urology An Essential Clinical Guide to Endourology Laparoscopy LESS and Robotics
A Defeasible Logic Programming-Based Framework to Support Argumentation in Semantic Web Applications
Evolutionary Paths Towards the Mobility Patterns of the Future
Platelet Rich Plasma in Musculoskeletal Practice
Geometry and Analysis of Fractals Hong Kong December 2012
End-of-Life Care in Cardiovascular Disease
Control and Estimation Methods over Communication Networks
Extended Warranties Maintenance Service and Lease Contracts Modeling and Analysis for Decision-Making
Novel Technologies for Vaccine Development
Measuring Signal Generators Theory Design
Project Management with Dynamic Scheduling Baseline Scheduling Risk Analysis and Project Control
Monitoring Control and Protection of Interconnected Power Systems
ISCS 2013 Interdisciplinary Symposium on Complex Systems
Process and Plant Safety
Microbial Biotechnology- A Laboratory Manual for Bacterial Systems
Techniques and Methodological Approaches in Breast Cancer Research
Cellular and Molecular Control of Neuronal Migration
LTE-A Cellular Networks Multi-hop Relay for Coverage Capacity and Performance Enhancement
Planar Waveguide Optical Sensors From Theory to Applications
Cholestatic Liver Disease
International Conference on Theory and Application in Nonlinear Dynamics (ICAND 2012)
Mymathlab for Introductory Algebra for College Students with Integrated Review Plus Worksheets Worksheets for Introductory Algebra for College Students with Integrated Review Mymathlab -- Standalone Access Card and Sticker for Introductory Algebra
Peirce and Biosemiotics A Guess at the Riddle of Life
An Introduction to Markov State Models and Their Application to Long Timescale Molecular Simulation
Media Rich Instruction Connecting Curriculum To All Learners
Dan Shen (Salvia miltiorrhiza) in Medicine Volume 3 Clinical Research
Modeling and Control for a Blended Wing Body Aircraft A Case Study
Geometric Theory of Information
Biocultural Landscapes Diversity Functions and Values
Alternative Dispute Resolution in European Administrative Law
Radiological Interventions in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
New Trends in Medical and Service Robots Challenges and Solutions
Development of Innovative Drugs via Modeling with MATLAB A Practical Guide
Agrimonde - Scenarios and Challenges for Feeding the World in 2050
Superalloys 2016 Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Superalloys
Computational and Experimental Fluid Mechanics with Applications to Physics Engineering and the Environment
Massive Rotator Cuff Tears Diagnosis and Management
Individualism and Inequality The Future of Work and Politics
Synbio and Human Health A Challenge to the Current IP Framework
Human Insecurities in Southeast Asia
Optimization and Control Methods in Industrial Engineering and Construction
Ocular Infections
Heat Shock Proteins and Whole Body Adaptation to Extreme Environments
Lipid Hydroperoxide-Derived Modification of Biomolecules
Vague Objects and Vague Identity New Essays on Ontic Vagueness
Bone Metastases A translational and Clinical Approach
Management and Therapy of Early Pregnancy Complications First and Second Trimesters
Lampreys Biology Conservation and Control Volume 1
The Family and Social Change in Chinese Societies
Technen Elements of Recent History of Information Technologies with Epistemological Conclusions
Grey Data Analysis Methods Models and Applications
Plato on Democracy and Political igt;techne igt;
Mergers and Acquisitions A Study of Financial Performance Motives and Corporate Governance
Family Farming and the Worlds to Come
Entangled Life Organism and Environment in the Biological and Social Sciences
Circulating Nucleic Acids in Early Diagnosis Prognosis and Treatment Monitoring An Introduction
Block Backstepping Design of Nonlinear State Feedback Control Law for Underactuated Mechanical Systems
Poincare Philosopher of Science Problems and Perspectives
Gender Lifespan and Quality of Life An International Perspective
Normative Plurality in International Law A Theory of the Determination of Applicable Rules
Managing Software Process Evolution Traditional Agile and Beyond - How to Handle Process Change
BRAF Targets in Melanoma Biological Mechanisms Resistance and Drug Discovery
Administrative Topics in Athletic Training Concepts to Practice
Computer Vision in Control Systems-1 Mathematical Theory
Research Perspectives on Work and the Transition to Motherhood
Clinical Rounds in Endocrinology Volume II - Pediatric Endocrinology
Robotic Surgery Current Applications and New Trends
Neural Stem Cells in Development Adulthood and Disease
Cholesterol Transporters of the START Domain Protein Family in Health and Disease START Proteins - Structure and Function
Endometriosis Pathogenesis and Treatment
Oncologic Breast Surgery
Trends in Applied Knowledge-Based Systems and Data Science 29th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems IEA AIE 2016 Morioka Japan August 2-4 2016 Proceedings
Biomaterials for Cardiac Regeneration
Camille Flammarions the Planet Mars
Blind Source Separation Advances in Theory Algorithms and Applications
Reconstructing Mobility Environmental Behavioral and Morphological Determinants
Ethnobotany and Biocultural Diversities in the Balkans Perspectives on Sustainable Rural Development and Reconciliation
Boundaries Extents and Circulations Space and Spatiality in Early Modern Natural Philosophy
Heat and Mass Transfer
Astronomy at High Angular Resolution A Compendium of Techniques in the Visible and Near-Infrared
Economic Growth The New Perspectives for Theory and Policy
Social Coordination Frameworks for Social Technical Systems
Adult Stem Cell Therapies Alternatives to Plasticity
Influenza Pathogenesis and Control - Volume I
Regenerative Medicine for the Inner Ear
Biofilm-based Healthcare-associated Infections Volume I
Nanomaterial Impacts on Cell Biology and Medicine
Herreras Plasmogenia and Other Collected Works Early Writings on the Experimental Study of the Origin of Life
Genetically Engineered Plants as a Source of Vaccines Against Wide Spread Diseases An Integrated View
Clinical Applications of Botulinum Neurotoxin
Virtue Epistemology Naturalized Bridges Between Virtue Epistemology and Philosophy of Science
Geometrical Objects Architecture and the Mathematical Sciences 1400-1800
Standard EEG A Research Roadmap for Neuropsychiatry
Early Neoplasias of the Gastrointestinal Tract Endoscopic Diagnosis and Therapeutic Decisions
Insight into Influenza Viruses of Animals and Humans
Biointensive Integrated Pest Management in Horticultural Ecosystems
Globalization of Financial Institutions A Competitive Approach to Finance and Banking
Studies on the Cornea and Lens
Advanced Research in Data Privacy
Yearbook of Corpus Linguistics and Pragmatics 2014 New Empirical and Theoretical Paradigms
EU Legal Framework for Safeguarding Air Passenger Rights
Experimental Metastasis Modeling and Analysis
Central Functions of the Ghrelin Receptor
Nanostructured Materials Preparation via Condensation Ways
The Toxicant Induction of Irritant Asthma Rhinitis and Related Conditions
Geomathematics Theoretical Foundations Applications and Future Developments
Service Orientation in Holonic and Multi-Agent Manufacturing and Robotics
Preparing the Public Health Workforce Educational Pathways for the Field and the Classroom
Exogame Ehen Die Traditionsgeschichtlichen Kontexte Von 1 Kor 712-16
Airway Management
Clinical Echocardiography and Other Imaging Techniques in Cardiomyopathies
Anderungen Im Diskriminierungsschutz Durch Die Europaische Grundrechtecharta Anwendungsbereich Und Inhaltliche Reichweite Des Art 21 ABS 1 Egrc
Antimicrobial Compounds Current Strategies and New Alternatives
Spinal Osteotomy
Dan Shen (Salvia miltiorrhiza) in Medicine Volume 1 Biology and Chemistry
Endodontic Pain Diagnosis Causes Prevention and Treatment
The statutory rules of Northern Ireland 2015 Part 4 [Nos 331 - 425]
Fractals Wavelets and their Applications Contributions from the International Conference and Workshop on Fractals and Wavelets
Mundo Real Media Edition Level 3 Students Book Plus Eleteca Access and Heritage Learners Workbook (Multi-Year Access)
Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy Beyond the Learning Curve
Handbook of Musical Identities
Optic Nerve Disorders Diagnosis and Management
Calculus An Applied Approach International Metric Edition
Molecular Mechanisms in Yeast Carbon Metabolism
Perspectives on Organisms Biological time Symmetries and Singularities
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Volume 2 Respiratory Cardiovascular and Central Nervous Systems
Advances in Psoriasis A Multisystemic Guide
A First Course in Fuzzy Logic Fuzzy Dynamical Systems and Biomathematics Theory and Applications
Advances in Natural Deduction A Celebration of Dag Prawitzs Work
Languages Design Methods and Tools for Electronic System Design Selected Contributions from FDL 2013
The Biochemistry of Retinoic Acid Receptors I Structure Activation and Function at the Molecular Level
Arthurs Invariant Trace Formula and Comparison of Inner Forms
Design Methodology for Intelligent Technical Systems Develop Intelligent Technical Systems of the Future
Fundamentals of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Methods and Exercises in MATLAB
Computer Vision - ECCV 2016 Workshops Amsterdam The Netherlands October 8-10 and 15-16 2016 Proceedings Part I
Current Issues in Transitional Justice Towards a More Holistic Approach
Hesitant Fuzzy Sets Theory
Fuzzy Portfolio Optimization Advances in Hybrid Multi-criteria Methodologies
Multiple Criteria Decision Making Applications in Management and Engineering
Einsteins Photoemission Emission from Heavily-Doped Quantized Structures
Neural Computation Neural Devices and Neural Prosthesis
Semigroups of Operators -Theory and Applications Bedlewo Poland October 2013
Automorphisms in Birational and Affine Geometry Levico Terme Italy October 2012
Finite Volumes for Complex Applications VII-Methods and Theoretical Aspects FVCA 7 Berlin June 2014
EcoJustice Citizen Science and Youth Activism Situated Tensions for Science Education
Global Free Expression - Governing the Boundaries of Internet Content
Cardio-Renal Clinical Challenges
Pharma-Nutrition An Overview
Silicon Carbide Nanostructures Fabrication Structure and Properties
Phospholipases in Plant Signaling
Forestry Applications of Airborne Laser Scanning Concepts and Case Studies
The Cognitive Neuroscience of Metacognition
Integrated Absorption Refrigeration Systems Comparative Energy and Exergy Analyses
Spacecraft TTC and Information Transmission Theory and Technologies
Intermediate-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Materials and Applications
Orthopaedic Oncology Primary and Metastatic Tumors of the Skeletal System
Computational Electrostatics for Biological Applications Geometric and Numerical Approaches to the Description of Electrostatic Interaction Between Macromolecules
Problems of Normativity Rules and Rule-Following
Policing Strategies Management Potential Risks
Developments and Innovation in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture and Storage Technology Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Storage and Utilisation
Design and Computation of Modern Engineering Materials
Green Economy Reader Lectures in Ecological Economics and Sustainability
Finite Volumes for Complex Applications VII-Elliptic Parabolic and Hyperbolic Problems FVCA 7 Berlin June 2014
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Cross-Sectional Anatomy
Identifying Emerging Issues in Disaster Risk Reduction Migration Climate Change and Sustainable Development Shaping Debates and Policies
Beneficial Plant-Bacterial Interactions
Effective Science Communication A practical guide to surviving as a scientist
Consensus on Peirces Concept of Habit Before and Beyond Consciousness
XXX Messtechnisches Symposium
Digital Informatics and Isotopic Biology Self-organization and isotopically diverse systems in physics biology and technology
Connect 1-Semester Access Card for Managerial Accounting Creating Value in a Dynamic Business Environment
Optimization of Stochastic Discrete Systems and Control on Complex Networks Computational Networks
Liquid Dielectrics in an Inhomogeneous Pulsed Electric Field
Test Equating Scaling and Linking Methods and Practices
Facets of Facebook Use and Users
An Evaluation Framework for Multimodal Interaction Determining Quality Aspects and Modality Choice
Islamische Theologie Im Staatlichen Hochschulsystem
Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Power Systems Technologies and Applications
High-Voltage Test and Measuring Techniques
Pikarische Erz hlverfahren Zum Roman Des 17 Und 18 Jahrhunderts
Field and Service Robotics Results of the 9th International Conference
Mast Cells Methods and Protocols
Glycosaminoglycans Chemistry and Biology
Thoria-based Nuclear Fuels Thermophysical and Thermodynamic Properties Fabrication Reprocessing and Waste Management
Theories of Poverty in the World of the New Testament
Advanced Digital Imaging Laboratory Using MATLAB (R) 2nd Edition
Clinical Videoconferencing in Telehealth Program Development and Practice
Concours Ass - Es - Eje - Le M ga Guide 2017-2018 crit Et Oral - Tout Pour R ussir
An Andalusian Arabic Version of the Four Gospels (Bayer Staatsbibl Munchen cod arab 238)
Economic Planning and Industrial Policy in the Globalizing Economy Concepts Experience and Prospects
Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples
Protest Im Land Der Unbegrenzten Moglichkeiten Tea Party Und Occupy Im Vergleich
Leaks Whistleblowing and the Public Interest The Law of Unauthorised Disclosures
Clinical Cardiology Current Practice Guidelines
Geschlossene Verteilernetze Rechtsfragen Der Energierechtlichen Privilegierung Von Industrienetzen Gemass 110 Enwg Unter Besonderer Berucksichtigung Von 3 NR 24 B Enwg
Albert Cleage Jr and the Black Madonna and Child
The Future Of Large Internationally Active Banks
Engineering Secure Internet of Things Systems
Hochstaltersgrenzen Im Beamtenrecht
Advances in Food Rheology and Its Applications
Applied Conjoint Analysis
Cyber Defense and Situational Awareness
Computer Application and Signal Processing 2015 - Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Advances in Computer Science and Application CSA 2015 the Fourth International Conference on Advances in Signal Processing and Communication Spc 2015
Economic Analysis of International Law
Western Heritage The Combined Volume Books a la Carte Edition
Neurology Self-Assessment for MRCP(UK) and MRCP(I)
The Oxford Handbook of Screendance Studies
Risikomanagement Im Aktienrecht Mit Bank- Und Versicherungsaufsichtsrechtlichen Sowie Betriebswirtschaftlichen Grundlagen
Neurocomputational Models Of Cognitive Development And Processing - Proceedings Of The 14th Neural Computation And Psychology Workshop
Icelandic Morphosyntax and Argument Structure
Managing Virtual Teams
Defending the Global Food Supply Protecting against Intentional Adulteration
Land Surface Remote Sensing in Agriculture and Forest
OCR Gateway GCSE Biology 9-1 Teacher Pack
Multilingualism in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Age Communication and Miscommunication in the Premodern World
The New Advertising [2 volumes] Branding Content and Consumer Relationships in the Data-Driven Social Media Era
Bates Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking
Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinical Reference Guide
Eurocode 2 fur Deutschland Kommentierte Fassung DIN EN 1992-1-1 Bemessung und Konstruktion von Stahlbeton- und Spannbetontragwerken
Matthews New David at the End of Exile A Socio-Rhetorical Study of Scriptural Quotations
Fermented Foods of Latin America From Traditional Knowledge to Innovative Applications
AQA GCSE Combined Science (Synergy) Life and Environmental Sciences Teacher Handbook

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