Revoke e-mail permission

If you gave Dontprint permission to send documents to some e-mail address but you now changed your mind about it, then you can use the following form to revoke that permission.

To check that the above e-mail address really belongs to you, Dontprint will send to it one last document with a four-digit random code. Once you received that code, go to step 2 below to finalize the revocation process.

If you already received a document with the four-digit revocation code, enter it below.

What is this?

When you used the e-mail sending feature of Dontprint for the first time, you had to prove to Dontprint that the e-mail address you entered was really yours. This step was necessary in order to prevent abuse of our e-mail sending infrastructure by spammers. If you decided that you no longer want to use the e-mail sending feature or if you bought a new e-reader with a different e-mail address, then you can use the above form to delete all records of your old e-mail address from our server. By doing so, you withdraw from Dontprint the permission to send documents to your old e-mail address.

Please note: The above form is provided to give you full control over your data. Normally, it is not necessary to revoke any e-mail permissions. If you remove your old e-mail address from your Dontprint settings or if you simply stop using Dontprint, then we will never send you any e-mails. In fact, your e-mail address isn't even stored on our server. We only store a checksum of each verified e-mail address in our database. This allows us to check the validity of outgoing mails but makes it impossible to reconstruct the e-mail address from which the checksum was calculated. The decision to store only a checksum was deliberately made in order to protect your privacy even in the unlikely event that an intruder would gain access to our database.